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Living in Wolverhampton

  • 30th Aug 2014

Living in Wolverhampton

As part of Allens collection of residential parks, we have a site located in Wolverhampton that is complete with an appealing nature reserve, many fishing opportunities and scenic routes if you fancy a stroll - making it the perfect location for those who have recently retired or would like a change of scenery. 

Also, Pendeford Hall residential caravan park is ideally situated; it is only 2 miles away from the closest Doctor's surgery, dental practice, supermarket, post office and train station and 1 mile away from the nearest shop. There is also a bus stop conveniently located on the site and it's a short distance from Telford and Wolverhampton.

The static caravans themselves are bordered by floral and plant life as well as luscious patches of green, making it the perfect retreat all year round.

If you're planning to relocate to this residential park or you're interested in what the city of Wolverhampton has to offer, take a look at the list below to see what leisure's and activities meet your needs and desires. Click here to view our range of luxury holiday parks!

Wolverhampton Art Gallery

The Wolverhampton art gallery is complete with fun and informative interactive displays as well as art works that played a significant role in history. The exhibitions are regularly updated and allow you to open your mind and get in touch with your creative side through the means of intricate and thought-provoking paintings, sculptures, drawings and much more. The gallery also has a gift shop where you can pick up little trinkets and novelty items as a reminder of your trip as well as a café to enjoy a cup of coffee before you leave.

Ledene Golf Centre

 The Ledene golf centre has been designed as a mini replica of a full-size golf course without taking away any of the fun and idyllic views. With several bunkers, plenty of greenery and 18 individual putting holes, the experience is second to none. You also have the freedom of taking your time to complete the course without feeling rushed or stressed so you can relax and enjoy the gorgeous greens and plant-life at this venue!

The Bratch Canalside

If you want to take the time to move away from the galleries and golf centres to enjoy a lovely walk complete with unparalleled scenery, a visit to the bratch canalside is a wonderful way to do so. With the finishing touches of local wildlife and an attractive selection of plant-life, during your walk you can gaze in wonder at the bridge, where the bricks whisper decades of fascinating history or count how many different wildlife species you come across.

These are just 3 activities and places you can visit and partake in while living at Allens Caravans Pendeford Hall residential park. If you'd like to enquire about purchasing a static caravan on this park or you'd like to know more about what we as a company can offer you during your retirement, please get in touch with our customer service team today for more information. 

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