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Keeping Your Caravan Warm this Winter

  • 9th Jan 2018


The current time of year can bring the coldest of weathers and it's important to ensure that your caravan is kept as warm as possible. Residential caravan parks offer you the opportunity to stay in a comfy close-knit community, giving you a warm feeling along with a sense of security. However, your caravan might not feel the same; the last thing you want is for the inside of your caravan to feel like the arctic circle, you want to remain comfortable, warm and relaxed and there are many ways to make sure that your caravan stays warm this winter.

Fit a Fireplace

It might sound as though you would need to remodel but that's not the case, adding an electric fireplace could warm your entire caravan up in minutes, and quite safely too.

Many people imagine themselves in front of a fire during the bitter, cold, winter nights and it can become a reality, even in your caravan. Wall mounted electric fireplaces aren't an expensive option, they can add to your décor, are perfectly easy to fit and they will ensure that you stay warm throughout the cold months ahead.

Invest in a Free-standing Heater

If you have no room for a fireplace, you can purchase a free-standing fire or heater. They are simple and straightforward to use and can generate sufficient heat to keep the entire caravan warm.

If you like keeping warm and cosy whilst watching TV (who doesn't?) but don't want any more heat in the kitchen it's easy to just switch off and move to a different area to ensure that you feel warm whatever you are doing.

Prevent the Heat from Escaping

It can be incredibly easy to warm your caravan up but keeping the hot air in, however, can sometimes prove more difficult. During the summer months you could leave the windows and doors open without a care in the world but now that the sun has disappeared for a while, it's best to keep them shut.

Keeping your windows and doors firmly closed helps to trap in the warm air - ensure that all of the window and door seals are intact, and consider adding some thick curtains for extra protection against the cold.

You should also make sure you have some warm winter bedding to keep you warm at night; invest in a thick quilt and some thermal blankets for layering during the night.

It's not difficult to keep your residential caravan warm, so give these ideas a try and if you're struggling to find the right caravan home for the winter visit Allens Caravans for the ultimate luxury residential caravan.              

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