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Just the same as any home, your caravan will require redecorating and refurbishing now and then to keep it looking its best. A static caravan refurbishment doesn't necessarily have to cost the earth, though, with the possibility of some decorating ideas requiring little more than a pot of paint and plenty of elbow grease to achieve!

Of course, as well as the luxury works, your park home will also require maintenance over time to other areas, such as the roofing, flooring, fixtures and fittings both inside and outside of the caravan. When it is time to redecorate and refurbish your park home, we recommend viewing this an opportunity to upgrade your caravan. Here, we will look at some of the static caravan refurbishment ideas our residents have used to revitalise their homes.


As with any home, the first thing that you see on approach is the exterior of your static caravan. As standard, most park homes tend to have aluminium cladding exteriors but there is nothing to say that you must keep this. After all, it is your home and you can update it as you see fit!

We have known some residents to switch to vinyl cladding to as a way of revitalising the look of their property, and there are further benefits to doing this than mere aesthetics. Vinyl cladding will also help to insulate the caravan better than the aluminium alternative, helping you to cut down on energy costs to keep your home nice and toasty during the winter months. Changing up the exterior of your home isn't too difficult a job, which can also help to keep costs down.


As well as the cladding of your home, the roof is another feature that is instantly seen by visitors and all those that pass on by. Old roofing can bring down the entire look and appeal of the home, as well as presenting issues, such as leaks, that can lead to yet more issues. In the United Kingdom, it is no secret that, more often than not, grey skies and rain clouds get in the way of glorious sunshine, meaning that ensuring the roof above our heads is up to the job is a must.

There are specialist suppliers that offer roof sheets designed for use on a static caravan that not only keep your home warm and dry but will also add a pleasing element to the home's exterior. If you are a first-time owner of a static caravan, you can seek the recommendations from the Allens Caravan team or even from your caravan neighbours, who will also be more than happy to help.

At each of our residential parks, you will find a warm and welcoming community that makes up a large part of the reason why so many have fallen in love with the lifestyle.


The flooring of your home can make or break your interior. Even a slightly worn down carpet just doesn't have that homely feel about it, and it can be demoralising when it still looks dirty, no matter how many times you vacuum. You have one of two options, here: either you rip the carpet up and lay down a new fitted carpet or opt for a hard-floor surface instead.

There is no right or wrong choice as it all comes down to personal taste. Whatever surface you choose, make sure to measure each room that you are planning to lay the new flooring in, moving any furniture out of the way as you are doing so. Tackle your flooring one room at a time to avoid having to move all of your furniture outside if you can help it, because, as we have already mentioned, the beautiful British weather isn't always on-side.


The kitchen is the heart of any home, static caravan or otherwise, and often doubles up as a dining room for family and guests alike. This room needs to be warm and welcoming, so investing in a fresh lick of paint, as well as features such as a dining table and décor that matches a chosen them and colour scheme, are excellent ways to spruce up your home.

As well as the presentation of the kitchen, also consider its appliances – mainly the oven. If you have invested time and money into transforming your static caravan's kitchen, you don't want it to be let down by an outdated oven and stove that gives away its age. Not only does it ruin the overall aesthetic, but an oven does need to be replaced every 10 to 15 years, so it might be in your best interests to include a replacement within your refurbishment budget.


Much like the kitchen, a new coat of paint in the bathroom can make all the difference. You might also want to consider a complete bathroom re-fit if you are dedicating to upgrading your static caravan, but don't commission any work unless it is necessary. Many of the homes found on Allens Caravan sites feature modern fixtures and fittings and should not require a complete re-fit.

Additionally, if you have decided you want to a completely new bathroom, we highly recommend seeking the advice of a professional tradesperson. Any feature that has been installed incorrectly can lead to costly repair works, which is the last thing you want after a static caravan refurbishment, so we would highly recommend you get the pro's in to help. The Allens Caravan team might be able to assist in pointing you in the right direction of recommended local companies.


When you have finished breathing new life into the caravan itself, why not add the cherry on top and give the garden some attention, too? While you may not have a massive amount of garden space around your park home, that doesn't mean you shouldn't be making the most of it.

Many of our residents have invested in beautiful garden furniture they can utilise as an outdoor dining area in the summer months, making for a fantastic feature when they have friends and family over. Others choose to decorate the outside of their pitch, adding personal touches with flower beds and ornaments to a space that may otherwise appear much the same as the next.

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If you are yet to invest in a static caravan and were unsure as to how much work you can put into making it feel like home, we hope that this post has helped to open your eyes to the possibilities of opting for a residential park. To discuss your options and to arrange a viewing of any of the available park homes at our sites, please get in contact with our team today by calling us on 01564 792323.

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