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How to Create a Front Lawn Snow Scene

  • 13th Nov 2014

How to Create a Front Lawn Snow Scene

It isn’t truly winter without a proper snow scene. So why not make an effort this year and create a wonderful display for visiting grandchildren, and even other Allens Caravans park residents?

Not only can you get the entire residential park community involved, but it is a great way to spread and share the joy of winter and all its festivities.

Here are a few ways you can spruce up the appearance of your residential park home garden in time for Christmas. Click here to view our beautiful parks and book a trip today!

Fake Snow and Snowmen

First of all, you need to create a (fake) snow setting on your lawn. You can purchase artificial snow online and spread it across a small patch of your lawn to begin with; this will be the basis of your snow scene.

As for building a snowman or snow-family, all you need is more artificial snow or some white material and plenty of cotton wool. Simply sew two pieces of material together, leaving a small gap at the top. Stuff the material ‘bag’ with cotton wool until it takes the shape of a snowman’s head. After you have created the head, it’s time to move onto the body. This time you need to make sure the sphere is bigger than the head but ensure it will be smaller than the base. Again, sew and stuff to get the desired result. Do the same for the base of the snowman and sew the three material spheres together.

After you have assembled the snowman, you can decorate him with button eyes and a felt carrot nose, not forgetting a friendly smile for passers-by.

Twinkling Lights

Next, you need to add a bit of illumination to your display. LED lights, a string of Christmas lights or even decorative fairy lights are all perfect for enhancing the appearance of your snow scene. You could create a scarf out of lights for the snowmen, hang them in your windows or pop them on the exterior of your park home.

You can opt for white lights or a string of multi-coloured bulbs to spruce up your snow scene and make it feel magical.

Finishing Touches

To finish off your snow scene, you could craft a cardboard sleigh and decorate it with glitter and other arty materials for a more Christmassy feel. If you’re going down this route, you can put your sewing skills to the test by creating a couple of reindeer in the same way you built the snowmen, with button eyes and a welcoming smile.

Alternatively, you can make the snowmen Christmas hats complete with bells, or you could give one of the snow-children a basket of treats, like candy canes, for visiting grandchildren.

These are just three ideas for how to create a front lawn snow scene at your residential park home. Do you have any more suggestions for our readers, if so give us a call or write to us at and we'll give you a shout out!

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