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Are you tired of your daily routine? Do you and your family just need a break from work, school, homework, chores and everything else? If the answer is yes, then it sounds as if you are in need of a half-term getaway. If you need to relax and destress, there is nothing better than caravan holidays in the UK. 

Caravan Holidays in the UK 

The UK is a caravanner’s paradise, with parks from Wales to Scotland and everywhere in between. From the beauty of Yorkshire to the wilderness of the Isle of Skye, a caravan holiday offers the perfect way to see all of these places.  

Allens Caravans operate several holiday parks across England and Wales, situated in beautiful, picturesque countryside and conveniently located close to historic tourist towns and attractions, giving you and your family plenty of choice for something to do. Even though we have ensured that all your essentials can be found onsite, we understand the need for satisfying your natural curiosity – and we cannot blame you. 

No matter what time of the year you are travelling, whether for February half-term, a spring caravan holiday during May half-term or to make the most of the August bank holiday, caravan breaks always make for a fantastic getaway. Join us as we set about inspiring you to decide on your next escape. 

Keeping the Kids Occupied During Half-Term 

During half-term, it can be difficult to find things for children to do. Now is the perfect time to plan, so why not go away for the week? If you are wanting to stay in the UK, caravan sites might be the way to go. Offering various opportunities for all ages, there is often something for everyone. 

Children can play games during the day and you can all catch some entertainment in the evening. Whether your children are the outdoors type or if they like to stay indoors, you are guaranteed to find something for them to do. Here are a few things you can do with the kids on a caravan holiday. 

Going Outdoors 

So, the weather might still be a little cold but that never usually stops children from having a good time; they always seem to find something to do. 

  • Visit a park – The perfect place to let your children run around, a park has always been the go-to option for many parents to keep their children occupied. You don’t even need to go back to your caravan for lunch, take some snacks and spend the whole day. 
  • Play an outdoor game – So your caravan may be surrounded by others, but there’s nothing stopping you from playing a game or, alternatively, finding a safe location in which to play a round of tennis or a game of football. 
  • Go on a scavenger hunt – It might be half-term, but children learning shouldn’t stop there. Teach them about nature by going on a scavenger hunt,. It will give them the opportunity to learn more about their surroundings. Make a list of things for them to find on their walk and explain each one as you go along. 

Staying Indoors 

If the weather is that bad then it may be best to stay inside, but that does not mean the fun has to stop. Here are some fun activities that all the family can partake in under shelter. 

  • Catch some entertainment – Children love watching television shows and movies, but taking them to see some live entertainment can get them having loads of fun and in some cases, get them involved in the show. It’s better than staying inside staring at a screen all day long. 
  • Play an indoor game – Whilst many games need to be played outside, there are plenty that can be played inside. Pick a board game to play with the kids while the weather is bad, or get creative and make up your own game with them to play. Alternatively, why not visit the park’s games room with the children? They are guaranteed to have a great time! 

Going Away in Spring 

When spring is in full swing, many people anticipate the arrival of the summer to book a holiday, but why wait? Why not plan to go away over the spring bank holiday? You could look at taking the family on a caravan holiday; it is the perfect trip to involve the whole family and there’s plenty to do. 

While it may be a cheaper alternative to a holiday abroad, you may be questioning what you can do on your trip to a caravan park. So, to answer this, we have created a list of things that you can do in the springtime on a caravan trip, as well as why you should join us at one of our parks. 

Things you can do: 

  • Play games outside for the first time since last year 
  • Walk along the beach 
  • Take a long walk and revisit the world of nature that may have been cut off from you during the colder months 
  • Explore the local area  
  • Go for a run along the various routes in the morning 
  • Visit the park with the kids and take a picnic 
  • Spend an entire day outside enjoying the weather 

Better than Going Abroad 

OK, so the weather may not be as inviting as other warmer climate countries, but a caravan holiday is still better. Firstly, it’s not as expensive because you don’t need to worry about flights or making sure that your passport is in date, and secondly, it’s closer to home, meaning there’s no need to travel too far. 

Booking in the Summer 

You won’t be surprised to learn that summer is the most popular time of the year for holidaymakers to book their getaways, and that’s not just because International Picnic Day falls on June 18th, but because the weather is warmer! Well, we do live in Britain, so that may not always be the case, but we all love to make the most of the sun when it is shining down. 

The summer is also when the kids are off school for six weeks which leaves plenty of time to occupy with fun-filled family activities. Here at our parks, there is plenty to keep children – big and small – entertained and then some! August bank holiday caravan breaks are notoriously popular because for families, this tends to be the last hurrah of summer before they return to school in September. 

Family Holidays in the Autumn 

Whether or not you have decided to go away during the summer break, an autumn half-term family holiday gives you something to look forward to after the little ones go back at the start of the school year. It is your last opportunity to really get out and about before the cold winter weather truly sets in. 

Allens Caravans operates holiday parks in North Wales and, if you are planning on visiting our Welsh parks, there are some fantastic tourist attractions you simply should stop by. 

Isle of Anglesey Coast 

One of the best places in the world for a walk, the Anglesey Coastal Path is a 200-kilometre-long footpath around the Anglesey. What makes this walk so special is the fact that the island is rich in beauty, elegance and natural history. During your walk, you will come across awe-inspiring marvels of nature, catch a glimpse of local wildlife and truly experience the beauty of the natural world.  

Criccieth Castle 

Have you ever wondered what the castles of medieval times looked like? If your answer is yes, then Criccieth Castle overlooking Cardigan Bay is a must-visit. This castle, with its huge towers and massive pillars, serves for an awe-inspiring view, especially for those with a budding interest in history. 

Portmeirion Village Gardens 

If you wish to experience some Italian inspired beauty on your visit to North Wales, a trip to Portmeirion is a must. It is one of those whimsical places that will make you fall back in time, so meander across to a restaurant and enjoy a meal as you feast your eyes on Sir Clough’s mythical land of Aberia. 

The North Wales Path 

This 60-mile-long path takes you on a journey across the mountains and along the coast in the area. It also passes through several seaside resorts where you may choose to rest your feet and relax for a while. However, without a doubt, the highlight of this path is the view of the Snowdonia Mountains – a real sight to behold. 

Sometimes, to benefit yourself and those around you, you need to put the wellbeing of you and your family first. If relaxing and sightseeing are on the cards this half-term, then caravan holidays in the UK will make the perfect antidote to the stresses of everyday life.  

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