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Fun Ideas For Your Next Caravan Holiday

  • 20th May 2014

Fun Ideas For Your Next Caravan Holiday

As caravanning is slowly creeping up into the top ten ideas for family holidays in the UK, it's no surprise that Allen's and other caravan owners are looking to put that extra special something into their time away. Whether it's visiting a fancy restaurant or the local town neighbouring the campsite, there's so much to do to make the most of your trip and not all of it has to put you out of pocket for the rest of your holiday. Below we have compiled just a few fun ideas on how you can make your next caravan holiday more memorable for all the family.

Hikes, Walks and Mountain Climbs

Now, this doesn't have to mean finding the steepest hill or mountain you can and literally clambering to get to the top, it can mean finding a fun, easy walk to go on during your time away from home. As most people live away from the countryside, it can often be difficult to find the time or even place to go on a lovely, scenic walk so why not incorporate it into your family holiday? A bit of fresh air and a dash of greenery never hurt anybody and many caravan sites nowadays are conveniently located so that you can enjoy the summer scenery. For more information on our range of luxury caravan sites, be sure to visit our website and book yourself a getaway!

Indoor Tournaments

In the event that the UK weather decides it's not going to be bright and sunny, be prepared to have some activities to help pass the time! From Uno to Jenga, there are plenty of games you can take along on your trip to help battle the rainy blues. You could even plan it so that every evening you and your family sit down and have a game and by the end of the holiday, the winner gains a special prize to make it a little more interesting!


Although you won't be able to create the ultimate campfire, this still doesn't stop you from making the most of your caravanning trip with a friendly BBQ! Not only can you roast marshmallows and dine on delicious food, you can also snuggle in a blanket, tell scary stories and play traditional campfire games without the risk of setting the awning alight.

Family Diary

Now not everyone is into filling in a daily diary, so why not consider creating a family video diary instead? You can take the camera along wherever you go and highlight your best moments to watch as a family when you get back home. It's a video that you'll treasure forever and when your kids are all grown up, they can reminisce about the time you went away forever! Also, don't forget to take a few snaps to show the friends and family when you get back home!

These are just a few fun ideas to make your next caravan holiday more memorable. From all of us here at Allen's Caravans, we wish you a happy summer and we hope you have a fantastic time away on your caravan holiday! 

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