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Family-Friendly Activities to Enjoy During Your Caravan Holiday

  • 20th Feb 2020

Family-Friendly Activities to Enjoy During Your Caravan Holiday

In the UK, the family caravan getaway is a staple holiday choice and for good reason, as it offers the best opportunity for families to create memories that will last a lifetime - without spending a fortune on flights and hotels. When you stay at any of Allens Caravans' holiday parks, you will be greeted by a luxurious home, fantastic on-site facilities to cater to your every need and a beautiful picturesque backdrop.

With all of life's distractions taken care of, there is plenty of quality family time to be had and it would be a shame not to make the most of it. Don't allow your family holiday to trickle by as you all sit together on a sofa glued to your own individual screen - that's no way to enjoy your family caravan holiday!

In this post, we are going to take a look at what kind of caravan-friendly creative things you can keep everyone busy with. Below are some great ideas for projects the whole family can get involved with.


Next to spending quality time together, the main idea behind a family holiday is to make precious memories. Funny ones, fond ones and ones that put a smile on your face when you relive them. A nice project the whole clan can get involved with to help make memories is creating a scrapbook. This way you can be left with a physical representation of your caravan holiday and all the good times that you enjoyed whilst you were there. These are sentimental projects that will last forever, yet are incredibly simple to make. A great idea to get the whole family involved and engaged.


Photos speak a thousand words, which is handy, as you are unlikely to remember or communicate every single little detail of your caravan holiday. A photo montage of your family, however, will remind you of all the good times over and over again. You can all spend the break snapping pictures of funny moments, interesting sights and candid portraits. On your last night or two, you can put all the photos together and build them into a montage, either randomly or to a particular theme. A simple but effective caravan holiday activity.

Family Diary Keeping

Keeping a family diary of the holiday is a great idea too. The whole family will be able to read back through it time and time again and you will have all the best holiday memories stored safely in one place. Try to get everyone involved in the diary, whether it is because of their super neat handwriting or their talent for remembering the fine details of funny stories. The diary can be added to daily throughout the holiday but it can also be enjoyed for years - it could even be the first of many volumes!


Food makes people happy, especially tasty food. The way to the heart is through the stomach and the way to make children smile is to let them get messy making said tasty food. You don't need to pack the food processor or lug a kilo of flour with you though. Your caravan will have all the equipment you need for baking, whilst the holiday park you choose to visit is sure to have local shops and amenities to get the ingredients that you need.

Arts and Crafts

If you don't fancy making something that will result in a sugar high and crumbs crammed in all sorts of nooks and crannies, then try your hand at some arts and crafts. When it comes to painting with chopped potatoes, glueing random materials to a creative project or cutting pretty shapes with safety scissors, both kids and grownups can get involved and have fun. Plus, you will all have a little handmade treasure to keep as a reminder of your fun family holiday. The perfect balance of creating memories and spending time together as a family.

Board Games

Who doesn't love a good old-fashioned family gathering around the Monopoly board? If Monopoly isn't your game - after all, there is always someone who takes things a lot more seriously than the rest - then there are many, many more games you can introduce to family game night.

Trivial Pursuit is another family-favourite that tests the general knowledge of those both young and old, making for the perfect quiet night in or rainy day savour. If that still doesn't catch your fancy, then how about a game of Pictionary that challenges the artistic skills of your family? This always ends up getting a little interesting as the family's competitive spirit is put on show for all to see, which certainly leads to a memorable experience!

Outdoor Adventuring

It would be a shame not to explore the beautiful settings of our holiday caravan parks as a family, so get out and embark on a hike, run or bike ride together with your loved ones. Make sure to take the camera though for that family scrapbook you are making, and why not take a video or two as well for good measure?

With parks set in the glorious countrysides of Worcestershire, Warwickshire and North Wales, you can wander and take in the fresh air and the sights of our beautiful country. When you decide to call it a day and head back to your caravan, you can enjoy a well-earned meal and settle in for the evening as a family or get out and socialise at any of the facilities found inside our parks.

These ideas should be more than enough to keep you and your family entertained on a caravan holiday, all you need to do now is get in touch with us and book your break. Get in touch today or explore our range of holiday parks to find the perfect destination for you.

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