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Creative Storage Ideas for Caravans

  • 28th Mar 2017


Staying in a caravan can bring all of the family even closer together. However, it is no secret that sometimes you have to get creative with storage space.

Caravans are designed and loved by those in search of the simple life with precious little to worry about. The ideal caravan break requires nothing more than you, your friends and family, and the bare essentials, but some essentials are larger than others.

Saving Space

When packing for a stay at one of our UK holiday parks, consider what you need and what you can afford to go a few days without. To save space, consider leaving technology and gadgets at home - there will always be plenty to keep you entertained throughout the day and nature is best experienced with one's own eye rather than through a camera lens.

Investing in collapsible items than can easily be folded and stored away after use will help maximise space in your caravan. Cheap tables, chairs and other everyday items can all be bought in collapsible forms.

Another storage hack for the more experienced caravanner is investing in magnetic metal strips for small metal items such as clippers, tweezers and scissors. 

Storage Boxes for Caravans

A favourite amongst those who own a caravan is to invest in a storage box designed specifically for mobile homes. These can be placed outside of the home and allow the storage of items big and small, depending on the size of the unit that you invest in, to be locked away safely.

Storage boxes are secure and waterproof, so there is no need to worry about any damage to metal items that you might have stored away. This method also frees up a lot more space inside your caravan by making use of the available outside space instead.

Clearing the Clutter

Anything that you don't need or use - get it gone. Space is precious and clutter is bad enough at home, never mind in caravans. You need to be harsh and form a list of everything you need, including only the essentials, before packing for your getaway.

To minimise clutter, invest in small boxes and Tupperware that can be stored in easily accessible spaces. This will help keep everything together and avoid the nightmare of rummaging through your caravan in a blind panic when you can't find anything!

With this helpful advice on how to maximise your space, your stay at one of our parks is sure to be a great one. For more information on our holiday and residential parks, give us a call on 01564 792323.

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