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Couple Saved by Bailey Unicorn After Lorry Collision

  • 20th Jan 2014

Couple Saved by Bailey Unicorn After Lorry Collision

For most, purchasing a caravan is a ticket to a sunny family holiday in the UK, but for some the upmost strength of a single model can change their fate. When towing a caravan, it is always important to ensure safety and care however, when worst comes to worst some things simply cannot be foreseen.

For Sue and Roger Bryan, the design and pure strength of their Bailey unicorn model literally changed their life after the back of their caravan was hit by an unsuspected 8 foot long metal beam that had fallen from a lorry on the M3.

While the force of the impact made by the metal beam was strong enough to push both the caravan and car forward, the damage caused by the fallen debris was said to be minor. After the incident, Mr Bryan claimed that his choice of model may have saved his life.

According to the caravan times, Roger said, "We were amazed there wasn't more damage to the caravan and have to say a huge thank you to everyone at Bailey for building such a strong caravan which possibly saved our lives"

"The highways agency officers said they have seen lots of accidents where there isn't much of the caravan left and would normally have expected the stabilising leg to slice right through it. They were surprised we were able to walk away completely unscathed"

In addition, the damage caused by the loose metal beam was covered by their insurance meaning that the incident proved to be far less costly then it may have turned out to be.

Managing Director of Bailey in Bristol, Nick Howard, commented on the incident; "we were very happy to hear Mr and Mrs Bryan were not hurt and that their caravan survived the accident so well."

"We designed the Alutech system to make our caravans and motorhomes stronger, better insulated, safer to tow and more resistant to the elements, but this extreme test really proves just how robust they can be".

In order to minimalize the damage of these incidents, we cannot stress enough how important it is to choose your caravan model carefully and inspect the model for any signs of wear and tear, mould or any other detriments. 

Choosing a Safe Model

Here at Allen's Caravans, we encourage caravan owners to tow safely and choose their model wisely when selecting the ideal caravan. If you're currently looking to purchase a second-hand or even new caravan, here are a few things to consider:

- When looking at different models, be sure to query your dealer or salesman as to how robust the model is and how it protects in the event of dangerous elements. This way you can ensure that you're selecting a model that will not only protect you in the event of an accident but it will also ensure the upmost safety against heavy weather.

- Keep an eye out for any previous signs of wear and tear especially if you're viewing second-hand caravans. Chances are signs of wear and tear could indicate a bigger problem which could ultimately affect your safety on the road.

- It's not only important to ensure you select the right caravan model, but also the right towing car. Ideally, you want the weight to be balanced out so be sure to query your car dealer or salesman as to which is the best car to tow your caravan model.

These are just a few of the tips to bear in mind when selecting a caravan and tow car. Have a safe drive!

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