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Common Misconceptions About Caravanning From A Teen’s Perspective

  • 14th May 2014

Common Misconceptions About Caravanning From A Teen’s Perspective

The very thought of caravanning at Allen's Caravans is enough to fill most teens with dread. Like a baby being cut from an umbilical cord, the idea of not being connected to internet would probably bring a lot to tears. For some strange reason, a lot of youth today are reluctant to leave the "broadband blanket" of the internet to bask in the "majestic makings" of Mother Nature. 

This article's sole purpose is to get to the heart of the "average" teenagers misgivings surrounding the quintessentially British pastime of caravanning. Hopefully in the process changing some people's attitude too!

"How can I check my Facebook or Twitter if I'm stuck in the middle of nowhere!?"

An aspect of caravanning that usually causes a lot of anguish to teens is the thought of being unplugged, disconnected essentially out of the loop. But even in the most remote of places nowadays you'll come across a Wi-Fi signal, that's if you've phone hasn't already got some form of internet functionality that comes ‘part and parcel.' Failing all of that, you can always get your news feed fix from a newspaper.

"I'll probably get bored after about 5 minutes, what am I supposed to do!?"

If old school board games aren't your thing then go and frolic in nature's playground. Use the time away from the humdrum of modern life to explore your more creative side or lesser known talents. What's more, caravan sites usually have a variety of facilities to help keep you entertained. Click here to view our most entertaining caravan holiday sites and loose yourself in our beautiful surroundings!

"I can't stand being cooped up with my family for this long!"

Being in such close vicinity with your family can feel similar to a prison sentence but it doesn't have to. Once you've had your fill of bonding time, why not go out (permission pending) and have some alone time or seek out (safely) some fresh faces.

"It's just gonna rain the whole time, not to mention be bloody freezing!"

The fact of the matter is no matter where you go the weather will always be unpredictable. The idea is to make the best of a bad situation. Always pack for the best and the worse and you'll be just fine. Even if it's raining outside that doesn't mean your whole life will come to a grinding halt, there's a wealth of indoor games and activities to keep you busy!

"I don't want to have to survive on beans on toast for an entire week!"

Probably the most important two words you'll ever need prior to caravanning ....."Secret stash."  Make sure you've amply prepared a secret stash of your favourite sweets and treats, that way you can dip into them if and when you need them. 

Armed to the teeth with this invaluable information you can now go into caravanning at with a whole new positive perspective. No longer will see you see it as a prisoner sentence, but as a much needed change of pace. 

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