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Caravan DIY Projects

  • 4th Apr 2017


Putting in our own personal touch makes a house feel more like a home; the same can be said about caravans.

For many, caravans are temporary residences to retreat to at weekends or during the summer months. Caravanners are rewarded with their own slice of luxury in a beautiful natural setting. Even though a caravan may not be your permanent home, that does not mean that you should not get creative. After all, it is important to put your own touch on your holiday home.

A home away from home is still a home, so don't be afraid to get your hands a little dirty and put your own spin on your caravan.


Caravans at Allens parks are available with multiple bedrooms, meaning that everyone can have their own personal space and privacy. A bedroom should reflect its owner, but remember that space is precious, so consider every tiny detail.

While a full-length dressing table may not be an option, incorporating furniture with multiple uses can look great and maximise the space that it uses. Desks and tables with built-in storage can help declutter even the untidiest of bedrooms while providing a welcome retreat from the outside world.

Living Area

Much like the bedroom area, space is again limited in the living area. You should take into consideration that this is where your family or party will mainly come together to eat, when not electing to go for one of the restaurants found on site at Allens holiday or residential caravan parks.

If possible, try and divide up your living space and dining area. Not only will this help to reduce clutter and keep things neat and orderly, having dedicated space breaks up your caravan, just as it does for any other home.


Every garden should look beautiful, and the land next to your caravan is no different. The chances are that your residence will mostly fall in line with the finer weather, so outdoor furniture is perfect when designing your garden.

Tables and chairs that can easily be stored or taken away when the weather turns are a great choice for welcoming guests and socialising. Outdoor seating also maximises your caravan's space and allows you to enjoy the beautiful backdrop of the park.

Remember, though, that your caravan means your rules. Go with what feels right for you - DIY projects can be fun as well as beneficial to your living area.

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