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Caravan DIY Projects

  • 7th May 2019


A personal touch goes a long way when it comes to the home - and the same can be said for the caravan home! Adding your own unique DIY caravan spin on the design and décor will make it feel more like a home and should ensure you stay comfortable whenever you are staying in it.

For many people, caravans are temporary residences to retreat to at weekends or during the warmer summer months. Caravanners are rewarded with their own little slice of luxury to enjoy in a beautiful natural setting, and it's important to ensure that the interior of your caravan matches the lovely surroundings!

Even though a caravan may not be your permanent year-round home, that doesn't mean that you have no control over the way it looks. After all, it is important to add your own personal touches to your holiday home.

A home away from home is still a home, so don't be afraid to get stuck into these exciting DIY caravan décor and design projects!


While the caravans here at Allens parks are available with multiple bedrooms, meaning that everyone can have their own privacy and personal space, your own caravan may have different room and space options - especially if it is a touring caravan as opposed to a static.

A bedroom should reflect its owner, but remember that space is precious, so it's important to consider every last detail when you are redesigning or updating the space.

While a full-size dressing table may not be the most practical option, incorporating furniture with multiple uses can look great while maximising the space you have available. Desks and tables with built-in storage can help to declutter even the untidiest of bedrooms while providing a welcome retreat from the outside world.

When it comes to touring caravans, the chances are that beds will be fold-down and there won't be a dedicated bedroom. If this is the case, don't despair! There are still plenty of great DIY caravan projects that you can complete to improve the look and feel of your sleeping area.

If you enjoy arts and crafts, this is the perfect opportunity to personalise your bedding. Whether you choose to knit a colourful quilt for those colder nights or sew a pretty pattern onto your pillowcases, this is a great way to relax, enjoy a hobby, and create a beautiful new accessory to brighten up your bedroom.

Living Room

As a general rule, most static caravans tend to have a larger living area, whereas many touring caravans will have a combined kitchen, dining area and living space. Even if your caravan's main living space is multi-functional, this doesn't mean that you can't adapt it to suit your own personal needs.

You should take into consideration that this is the area where you and your family or party will come together to relax and eat - when you're not dining out at one of the restaurants near Allens Caravans parks, that is!

If possible, try and divide up your living space and dining area. Not only will this help to reduce clutter and keep things neat and orderly, but having a dedicated ‘room' for each will break up the caravan, just as different rooms do within the home.

If you're lacking that all-important homely touch, try to consider how your caravan differs to your living room at home, then work out what you can do to give your caravan a boost. Print some of your favourite holiday photos from over the years, frame them, then add them to your living space. Not only will this add a splash of colour and personality to your caravan, but it is also a great way to look back on some of your favourite holiday memories!


The kitchen is often described as the heart of the home, and it's no different in the caravan environment. Good food is an important part of a great holiday, so if you will be some, or all, of your meals in the caravan while you're away, you need to make sure your kitchen is up to scratch!

Touring caravan kitchens, in particular, can be quite compact. If you're struggling for space, then the chances are that you're not making full use of the space that is available to you! 

One great way to save space and improve your caravan cooking experience is by hooking your kitchen bin over the back of a cupboard. Not only will you no longer need to find space for your bin, but keeping it enclosed in a cool, dry cupboard should also help to reduce any bad smells.

Garden and Decking

Every garden should look beautiful, and the outdoor space next to your caravan is certainly no different! The chances are that your residence will mostly fall in line with the finer weather, so outdoor furniture is the perfect accessory to keep in mind when updating your outdoor area.

Tables, chairs, parasols, and garden décor accessories are great for enjoying warm weather and socialising, and equally, they can be easily moved and stored away when the weather takes a turn for the worse. Many caravan owners choose to invest in outdoor storage boxes for this very reason. Additionally, outdoor seating also maximises your caravan's space and allows you to enjoy the beautiful backdrop of the park in peace and quiet.

If you have a decking area around your caravan in place of a traditional garden, there are still plenty of ways you can add your own personal touch to it. Why not install some artificial grass to add a more natural, relaxed feel to your decking? Easy to install and simple to maintain, this is a great option for those who love the feel of grass between their toes.

Handy DIY Caravan Hacks

If you're not really the handy type or you don't fancy tackling some of the more ambitious DIY caravan projects, here are some smaller but equally fun and useful projects you can try your hand at.

One of our favourite ideas is to create a handy magnetic storage solution for kitchen utensils or small items like scissors and nail clippers. Simply attach a magnetic strip of your desired length to the wall, or alternatively, hang it in an out-of-the-way place for easy reach.

Feeling a little confined in your compact caravan home? Light colours and mirrors are great ways to instantly brighten a room and make it seem larger than it actually is, so take the opportunity to crack out the paint and refresh your caravan. Another great DIY project is to decorate your own mirror. Whether you choose to paint the frame or decorate it with craft accessories or even collected seashells, this is a wonderful way to unleash your creativity.

Above all else, it's important to remember that your caravan means your rules! While you will probably not be able to make any significant changes to a rented caravan, if you own the caravan, it's yours to update however you like. Go with what feels right for you - DIY caravan projects can be fun as well as beneficial to your living area.

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