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Caravan Cylinder Catches Fire and Firefighter’s Warnings

  • 18th Aug 2014

Caravan Cylinder Catches Fire and Firefighter’s Warnings

The dangers of storing gas cylinders in close range of caravans and other highly flammable objects became frightfully apparent following a recent blaze involving a motorhome. Firefighter crews from Beaconsfield and Maidenhead were called to the fire in Coulson Way, Burnham around 9:41pm. Whether the blaze was started accidently or as an act of arson hasn't been established at this point. What was clear was that the fire was one of grave severity. Firefighters were said to have been on the scene in about 45 minutes and (thankfully) no-one was injured as a result of the blaze.

It came to light that not one, but two 15kg gas cylinders were the fire-starting culprits. As previously mentioned though, the perpetrators behind the ‘pyrotechnic' destruction remain unknown.

Watch Manager Paul Casey from Beaconsfield Fire Station said: "It is good practice to store gas cylinders away from caravans and vehicles, especially when parked close to your property (getbucks site)." Due to the harshness of the fire and its location in relation to the Burnham property, it quickly found its way to the garden fence.

The caravan was left utterly destroyed even after fire services used two hoses to put out the fire. Mr Casey added "We would urge people to make sure that their caravans are kept locked and secure at all times to avoid potential arson threats."

Proper store and disposal is fundamental in the prevention of gas-related fires or accidents; below you'll find clear, concise and most of all, correct guidelines for storing gas cylinders.

"What are the correct procedures for safely storing a gas cylinder?"

  • Store and use gas bottles in an upright position
  • Store gas bottles in well-ventilated places
  • Ensure gas bottles are stored away from heat and ignition sources
  • Make sure gas bottles are stored outdoors, away from building entry/exit points and drains

"What aren't the correct procedures for safely storing a gas cylinder?"

  • Store or use gas bottles below ground level
  • Use gas bottles in places where gas is prohibited, such as high rise flats
  • Keep gas bottles near any corrosive, toxic or oxidant material

(Calor Gas)

By following these guidelines you'll dramatically reduce yours and your family's risk of a holiday from Hell! So when you are next enjoying one of Allen's Caravans luxury caravan holidays, take care.

For more information regarding the full range of products and services on offer at a range of Allen's Caravans parks across the UK, or to discuss safety precautions for your holiday home, please contact the team here at today. 

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