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A Guide To Creating A Caravan Friendly Garden

  • 21st Sep 2014

A Guide To Creating A Caravan Friendly Garden

If you want to create an outdoor space to escape to or if you need to dress up your holiday home's curb appeal, your garden area will need attention. It's not that you need to completely overhaul the plot but you will benefit more from your caravan lifestyle if you give your garden a facelift with a few finishing touches and a few plants dotted strategically.

To give you some idea of where to start when planning and creating your perfect caravan friendly garden, here is a quick guide from on the main things you need to consider.


Seating plays a big part in your garden, especially if you intend on spending summers in your caravan. Some seating choices include:

  • Comfy New England style seating can be made from wood or plastic and it will come in the colour of your choice; designed for hours of sitting down and wiling away summer days, this style of garden seating is not only practical but attractive too.
  • Stackable garden furniture can save a lot of space in smaller plots like those found on caravan parks. You can choose plain block or metallic colours or you can mix it up with bright summery hues, whatever fits your style.
  • You can keep it traditional and give a little nod to the proper British summer holiday with a set of Union Jack coloured deck chairs which will add a fun yet relaxed vibe to your caravan garden. View our luxury range of holiday parks here today and get booking!

Plant life

Plants are the main feature for most gardens, even smaller ones for caravans. They dress things up, creating everything from a cottage feel with pretty flowers to a tropical feel with palms and such. However, with caravan gardens, it is often easier to plant container gardens as opposed to planting flowers straight in the ground. Not only can this safe time and effort, but it also helps to keep things low maintenance if you're not going to be in your caravan all the time. Here are some hints and tips on container gardens:


Accessories of all shapes and sizes can really finish off your garden; think of it as decorating a room with no walls and no ceiling. These are a few accessories that work well in caravan gardens:

  • Give a nod to your caravan's heritage with a caravan bird feeder
  • Lighting is always a nice touch in a summer garden, especially one that will no doubt see its fair share of evening usage as a dining room, living room and stargazing room. Go for candles, fairy lights and solar lights for soft mood lighting.
  • Think about multipurpose accessories. For example, introducing garden storage solutions that actually look ornamental and add to the feel and appearance of the garden is a great way to go. Good ideas include easily concealed lean-to sheds, painted tall free-standing sheds and storage benches which provide storage, decoration and seating

These are just some of the things you can consider when setting up or improving your garden. Of course, things like available space and maintenance will play a part in how much you can do. For example, if you visit your Allens holiday home on a regular basis then you can afford to choose plants and accessories that require more maintenance, but if you only visit your holiday home a few times a year then you will need to opt for low-maintenance, naturally robust items. However you end up planning and creating your caravan friendly garden, have fun with it and make yourself a sanctuary. 

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