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6 Makeover Ideas for Your Caravan Home

  • 14th May 2019


For many of us, a caravan is far more than just a caravan - it is a true home away from home. It is a place of comfort and relaxation; somewhere you can escape to for an enjoyable time away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

Similar to the fact that many of us spend a lot of time and money renovating our homes, the same can be true for our mobile homes. Therefore, if you will be spending a considerable amount of time enjoying the caravan lifestyle, doesn't it make sense that you will want a caravan makeover to personalise the space?

Step 1: Decluttering

While adding your own personal touch and making sure your caravan is as cosy as possible is important, you can't start redecorating until the space is clean, clear, and free from clutter.

It's only natural to accumulate unnecessary clutter over time, and if you spend a lot of time in your home away from home, this is probably going to increase. Consequently, if you are preparing to conduct a caravan makeover, the first step should be to have a good clear out and get rid of anything you no longer want or need.

Once you have decluttered your caravan (and given it a thorough spring clean!) the chances are that you will most likely have freed up some additional space to work with when considering your renovations.

So, here are some of our favourite caravan makeover ideas to help you transform your mobile home to suit your personal tastes and preferences.

The Look - Vintage Shabby Chic

The vintage look is enduringly popular when it comes to caravan décor and, even better, it's incredibly easy to replicate! Aim for a comfortable and cosy feel - a great way to see in the change of seasons, too.

Colour Palette

Think ditsy floral patterns and a contrast of textures in pale, pastel colours to really nail the trend. Blush pink and turquoise work well, as do cream and pale green. Wood or wicker accents complete the look, adding a more natural vibe to the vintage colour palette.

Key Pieces

For the ultimate shabby chic look, consider accessories like wicker baskets, floral cushions, and printed bedsheets. To add a cosier feel to your caravan, complete the décor scheme with a few casually placed throws, books, and picture frames.

The Look - Retro Glam

For a truly nostalgic update to your caravan space, retro glam is the way to go. Think classic American Airstream campers and diners combined with comfort and style; this décor style is certainly a bold choice, but when done right, your caravan is sure to look fantastic!

Colour Palette

Depending on the route you choose to go down, the colour palette for this décor style can be incredibly varied. If plain furnishings aren't doing it for you, striped or chequered bedding can work well to jazz up the bedroom area. Alternatively, if you really want to embrace the retro look, opting for classic red leather booth seating peppered with bold printed cushions will bring an American diner vibe to your living space.

Key Pieces

If you can, a great way to set your caravan apart from the rest is to swap out run-of-the-mill tiles and dull carpets for glamorous new flooring. Think retro all the way - gleaming black and white chequered tiles or a bold, funky carpet. Spruce up the kitchen with some bright retro gadgets and perhaps a stainless-steel counter or barstools to really nail the look.

The Look - Contemporary

Turn tradition on its head and transform your nostalgic caravan home into an ultra-modern, minimalist space where you can relax in style. One of the biggest pointers for this look is to ensure you keep things looking minimal, neat and tidy - think sleek, stylish, and elegant.

Colour Palette

Contemporary design and décor are all about minimalism and clean lines, so stick to neutral colours as an overarching theme throughout your caravan. Gentle neutral colours like warm stone, soft grey, or cream will keep your caravan looking classy, and to add a touch of individuality, choose to incorporate a few splashes of colour through your range of accessories.

Key Pieces

For the ultimate modern twist, swapping out curtains for blinds is a good place to start. Adding tasteful mirrors in a few key areas can give the impression of a bigger, airier space - ideal for smaller caravan homes. Lastly, you could consider adding a unique statement piece to inject some of your individual personality into the atmosphere of your caravan.

The Look - Nautical

This décor style is ideal for those who love nothing more than a caravan holiday with beautiful sea views and plenty of trips to the coast!

Colour Palette

The best colours to maximise this look are simple - bright white and navy blue, interspersed with the occasional flash of red to keep things interesting. Driftwood accessories are always a favourite, but if this isn't possible, soft, natural wood also makes an equally great addition to the nautical theme. When it comes to pattern, classic nautical stripes are your best friend here!

Key Pieces

While installing a porthole in your caravan might not be the most practical idea, there are still plenty of great ways to incorporate the nautical theme into your caravan makeover. When you think nautical, think knotted ropes, washed glass, ships in bottles, and stylish coastal-themed accessories.

The Look - Cosy

This is the ideal décor scheme for smaller caravans, helping you maximise the space you have available while creating a proper bolthole - somewhere you can relax in comfort in style.

Colour Palette

As a general rule, lighter colours will make the space seem bigger, brighter, and airier, whereas darker colours will make the room seem smaller and more intimate. To avoid turning your caravan into a gloomy space, opt for dark, rich colours in moderation. Deep blue and rich burgundy, as well as dark wood, will make great accents for your cosy caravan home.

Key Pieces

Comfort is the key to this look, so accessorise your caravan with plenty of soft furnishings - tasselled cushions, fluffy rugs, cosy throws, and a well-placed footstool if you have the room. However, similarly to the colour palette, it's important not to overdo it and to employ the cosy look in moderation rather than going all out.

The Look - Whimsical

This is the perfect option for those who want to inject a little extra fun into their caravan home. The beauty of opting for a whimsical caravan makeover is that you are free to be as creative and imaginative with your décor as you like!

Colour Palette

Go bright or go home! Sweet pastel shades make for a more nostalgic interior vibe, whereas bright colours, floral prints, and on-trend patterns will help you create a completely bespoke look for your caravan. Above all else, don't be afraid to experiment with the whimsical look!

Key Pieces

Pretty accessories and statement furnishings are the backbones of this trend, but really, it's best to think of your caravan as a blank canvas just waiting to be decorated. Have fun with your renovation project and make the most of the space you have available to really make it your own.

Although it can be incredibly easy to get carried away with renovations and fun new projects, it's also important to remember that updating your caravan home needn't mean spending a fortune. Simply mixing things up or adding some new accessories can do wonders to instantly transform the look and feel of your caravan.

Of course, if you don't have your own caravan but still wish to experience a caravan break, simply visit Allens Caravans and book your ultimate luxury caravan holiday with us today.

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