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5 Tips to Stay Safe in the Sun

  • 27th Jul 2017


Sun safety is always important, but during particularly warm weather, it is vital to stay safe whenever you head outside. When you are away on holiday, visiting one of our caravan holiday parks, it can be tempting to forego the safety in favour of getting out and about and exploring the delights the local area has to offer. While this is certainly a fun way to spend your getaway, it can lead to serious issues if you get caught out in the sun once too often - especially if the weather is warmer than average.

In order to help you stay safe while out and about this summer, we have put together a quick list of some of the best tips for staying safe in the sun.


If the sun is shining, the best course of action is to stay out of direct sunlight and seek shade wherever possible. It is worth bearing in mind that the sun is likely to be strongest between 10 am and 4 pm, so this is the period during which you should take the most care. Search for shade whenever you are out and about and make sure to sit in the shade when resting and relaxing.

Sun Cream

Apply plenty of sun cream across any exposed areas - remember to top it up throughout the day to make sure it does as good a job as possible. It is also best to use a cream with a high SPF factor, especially if you are naturally pale-skinned.


Opt for loose clothing with plenty of layers to keep yourself as cool as possible. A wide-brimmed hat is also recommended in order to keep your head cool, as this can otherwise quickly lead to issues like heat stroke and further complications.


Apply plenty of moisturiser in order to keep your skin looking and feeling its best in the warm weather. Moisturising can help to protect skin from the sun and can also help with relief should the worst happen and you end up with sunburn.


It's not just your body that needs to be looked after in the sun. Don't forget to pick up your sunglasses when you are heading out and about this summer - your eyes are sure to thank you for it!

Now that you know how to stay safe and protect yourself from the danger the sun poses, all that is left to do is to take the time out and enjoy your time at our caravan holiday parks!

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