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Off On A Family Caravan Holiday?

  • 6th Jun 2013

Off On A Family Caravan Holiday?

Family Caravan Holidays are such great fun for the whole family and when you arrive at the Family Holiday Park your kids will have a whale of a time meeting other children and playing games in the numerous, large grassy areas of Allens Caravans Holiday Parks.

However, before you get to the holiday park, you have the long journey with kids first and this is when arguments or upset can start. Here are some top tips for your family caravanning holiday.

• It’s a good idea to stop often, this way the kids can have toilet stops, stretch their legs or even have a run around inside the service station and play on the games machines.
• Young children can be very prone to feel ‘car sickness’. If your children feel car sick, suggest they look at something far away and give them a dry cracker to settle the stomach. Opening the window may help too.
• It is said that boiled sweets or mints can help with car sickness so have some in the car in preparation, having a bag with no holes as a sick bag is also a good thing to have handy ‘just in case’.
• Make sure you pack some goodies for the journey, things like bottle of juice that will not spill, cereal bars are good too as high sugar alternatives can get the children excited. Ensure you have a ‘rubbish bag’ in the car to keep the car tidy.
• Pack bags for the kids; give them a magazine or comic, a colouring book, small toys and travel games to keep them entertained throughout the journey.
• Play games as a family; things like I Spy, spot letters of the alphabet on car number plates or different coloured cars. Get the whole family involved.

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