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Keep Warm and Well this Winter

  • 21st Dec 2017

Keep Warm and Well this Winter

Winter is well and truly here and, away from all the excitement of Christmas and New Year celebrations, we can easily forget that it is at this time of year that the older generation is most at risk of becoming ill. As temperatures drop below freezing, extra precautions should be taken to fight against winter bugs.

For permanent residents in our residential park homes, it is important to ensure that you have a sufficient amount of fuel for the winter months. The last thing that you want is to run out of supply and to literally be left in the cold.

Wrap Up Warm

In the unfortunate event that you do run out of fuel, or you find yourself without energy for whatever reason, ensure that you have warm clothes nearby at all times. In fact, wearing a jumper to keep warm, rather than constantly relying on fuel to heat up your home, will help to conserve energy when you most need it.

It goes without saying, especially for our more senior residents, but it is vitally important to remember to wrap up warm when heading out. Illnesses can get significantly worse as a result of cold weather, and those aged 60 and over are most at risk.

Only Make Essential Journeys

During the winter months, conditions will be difficult to travel in, especially as roads turn to ice. Only make journeys that are essential when this is the case, as well as in thick fog, as the risks of an accident on the road are greatly increased.

Public transport systems also take regular hits over these months with various services being cancelled as a result of poor weather. If you are reliant on public transport to travel to and from our residential park homes, then make sure to check in advance.

The Benefits of Our Residential Park Homes

Compared to houses that may require consistent heating around the clock to keep a large space at optimum temperature, nowhere near as much energy is required to keep our residential park homes warm in winter. This means that you, the resident, can make big savings on your energy costs during the winter months.

As well as fuel costs, the freedom of living permanently in our residential parks is another big plus for our residents.

If you would like more information on Allens Caravans' residential park homes, please contact our team today on 01564 792323 or message us via our contact page.

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