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Geocaching: The All Day, Anywhere Adventure

  • 12th Jul 2018


Geocaching is one of the UK's best-kept secrets and the perfect activity for adventurers of any age group staying in holiday caravans. Using your mobile phone or GPS receiver, users can sign up to the free Geocaching app, log their current location and start tracking down their finds in the great outdoors, like an incredible worldwide treasure hunt!

How to Go Geocaching?

Geocaching is an outdoor recreational activity so make sure to check the weather prior to heading out, ensuring your fellow Geocachers wear appropriate clothing and always pack an extra bottle or two of water. You'll also want to carry a couple of pens and some small trinkets and/or party favours, although nothing perishable as Geocaches can go days, weeks, even months without being discovered.

Once you find your target Geocache, record your name and date in the included log book and depending on the size, you can exchange available trinkets. Make sure to put the Geocache back where you found it so the next adventurer isn't looking for something that has been mistakenly picked up as rubbish.

Geocaches come in a variety of sizes and a range of finding difficulties, from tiny magnets with only room for your initials to wooden chests and even hollowed out tree branches. A number of Geocaches are only available by solving riddles to get the GPS coordinates, these can be great fun for those looking for more of a challenge.

Geocaching at Allens Caravans

Our eight UK holiday parks are set in areas of spectacular natural beauty, with plenty of opportunity for nature walks, hiking and site seeing, making Allens Caravans' holiday caravans a great base for starting your Geocaching journey.

More than 300 Geocaches await you across Worcestershire, surrounding sites Abbots Salford, Leedons Park, Severnside, The Springs and Weir Meadow. Warwickshire site; Orchard Lodge has a large number of Geocaches within walking distance, however, the majority of Caches near Northamptonshire site, Overstone Lakes, are located in the nearby county town of Northampton.

Stunning Sunbeach, our most popular Welsh caravan park, tucked between Cardigan Bay and the Cambrian mountains offers a huge choice of Geocaching walks, over the mountains or along the beautiful coastline and our youngest site; Glan-Y-Mor in picturesque West Wales, also boats a large number of coastal finds.

Why not make your next caravan holiday a Geocaching adventure? Find further information on our holiday caravans on our main site, or contact us on 01564 92323 for help finding your perfect destination.

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