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5 Things to Do During Your Caravan Holiday in Wales

  • 2nd Jan 2020

5 Things to Do During Your Caravan Holiday in Wales

With the school holidays looming on the horizon, it's time to start thinking about a family getaway over the next few months. There are many, many reasons as to why you should choose North Wales for your summer holiday this year - and we could talk about it all day - but we thought we would narrow it down to five for you.

Sunbeach Caravan Park in North Wales is perfectly situated to accommodate families who are looking for an all-rounder destination that is perfect for all ages and interests. Beach? Check. Beautiful countryside? Check. Mountains? Check. Culture? Check. History? Check. Adventure? Check. We've got it all, and then some!

Our park caravans allow you to experience Wales with exceptional accommodation and all the space you would get from a hotel, but with outstanding views and excellent on-site facilities, too. Of course, our Sunbeach location is a reason to visit all by itself, but what else does North Wales have to offer?

  1. Beaches. North Wales has some spectacular beaches to take in and enjoy; we're talking sand, rock pools, stunning views and activities like surfing to keep the kids entertained, too
  2. So many activities! With the Cambrian Mountains and glorious countryside close by, walking, cycling and general adventure is easily achieved with a trip to Wales
  3. Culture - Wales is renowned for its history, wealth of castles, plethora of museums and galleries for those looking to take a step back from the action or to stimulate the mind a little on a break from the beach
  4. Beauty is all around you. The rugged landscapes give way to some exquisite views and is home to nature's finest everywhere you look. Snowdonia is a short drive away
  5. The way of life is so relaxed and friendly that you won't believe you're still in the UK. Must be all those beautiful beaches and countryside air...

How does that sound? We think it sounds great and we're pretty sure you'll agree.

So, if you're looking for relaxation and a bit of adventure thrown in for all the family without the hassle of airports and flights in the middle of the night, problem solved. Our Sunbeach Caravan Park is not just ideally placed in North Wales, nestled in amongst the mountains and the beach, but we also have free Wi-Fi, a clubhouse, activities for kids of all ages, an adventure playground, a boat park, indoor pool, sea-fishing and we even welcome dogs!

For more information, please browse our website and feel free to contact us on 01564 792323 and we'll be more than happy to discuss our park in Wales and your summer holiday needs.

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