10 Year Gold Shield - Allens Caravans
Allens Caravans

Available to all Allens Caravans Residential Parks, the ten year warranty covers against inherent defects in the load bearing structure.

Free 10 Years Structural Warranty

Free Ten Years Structural Warranty On New Park Homes . Started in 1987, Gold Shield has covered over 12,000 Park Homes. 

Your free cover comprises:

  • Year 1 - whole structure and every part, component, fixture and fitting
  • Year 2 - as for Year 1, excluding certain faults or defects in electrical, gas, central heating controls and systems, soft furnishings, floor coverings and internal decorations
  • Years 3 - 10 - any major defect in the load bearing structure of the Park Home

Started in 1987, Gold Shield has covered over 12,000 Park Homes. The scheme was extensively revised and re-launched in June 2005. It is NOT an insurance policy and homeowners should therefore insure their homes in the normal way.

For more details click here to visit GoldShields Website

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