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What’s New For 2013?

  • 14th Jan 2013

What’s New For 2013?

There are plenty of new attractions this year as 2013 introduces improvements at a number of our holiday parks.

Let’s kick things off at Leedons Park, Worcestershire. There are vast improvements at this park ready for 2013 and they include a new leisure and office complex, an indoor swimming pool, a games room, a large social and last but by no means at least a 3 rink all-weather bowling green.

Other improvements and introductions have been made at Leedons Park as there will be a new laundrette and tennis courts available this year too. This park has been busy over the recent months to improve the entertainment and look of the park but it will be finally complete and ready for its visitors in 2013. Leedons Park has been the busiest of the holiday parks with a host of changes but there are also others that have been adapted and improved. One of those amongst the improvements elsewhere is Weir Meadow, Worcestershire which now has park-wide WIFI but that’s not it, it’s also free! Another park to follow suit is The Springs, Worcestershire which also has park-wide WIFI. This may seem like a simple addition to the park but it means you and your family can surf the net everywhere in the park.

Overstone Lakes, Northampton has also had a minor uplift after the dining room has been extended which means there is more room for people to enjoy their food, which is always a bonus.

Each park strives to impress its visitors and members and ensures that customer satisfactory is achieved every time, so every little detail is taken into account. Even the smallest of improvements can mean the most to certain families and we understand that.

We look forward to you enjoying your stay in 2013.

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