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What To Do With Your Plants When You Go On Holiday

  • 28th Jan 2013

What To Do With Your Plants When You Go On Holiday

Sometimes it feels a bit weird asking your friends or neighbours if they wouldn’t mind popping round to water your plants while you are on holiday so instead, here are some tips for watering your plants when you pop off to one of our Holiday Parks.

The first thing to remember is to water your plants well before going on holiday, give them a little more water than normal.

If you potted plants have drainage holes then pop them on a dish or saucer of water, the longer you are away the larger the dish of water you need to put them in.

Polymer Crystals swell with water and then when the soil dries out the crystals release their water, try and mix some crystals into the soil of your plants and then water them heavily so they soak up the water in preparation for your time away.

Home made watering sticks are a brilliant idea, choose a bottle and fill it with water, then pop your fingers over the top, quickly turn the bottle of water upside down and stick it into the soil. Over time the water from the bottle will slowly release into your plants.

Another point to consider is the plants that actually need watering, for example plants like a cactus can survive for up to 1 week with no water so there will be no need to find a way to water them while you are staying at one of our holidays parks for 1 week or less.

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