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Wales Bait for the retired

  • 6th Aug 2013

Wales Bait for the retired

What better way to begin your retirement than with a fishing holiday?

A fishing holiday enables you to truly engage with nature and proves to be a relaxing day trip, weekend or even week of pure comfort and tranquillity.

So, if the weathers coming up nice this weekend, how about booking a short break in Wales dedicated to catching fish and lounging on a row boat in the middle of the peaceful lake waiting for that first bite.

The best thing about fishing holidays in Wales is the variation of fish that you can find in the rivers and also in the sea.

Wales accommodates not only ideal tackle shops to ensure you have the best bait around but also holds residence for the fearsome pike, carp, sea trout, salmon and grayling.

There are a number of fisheries located around Wales, all of which hold different species of fish.

Pentre Farm, for example, holds habitat mostly to wild brown trout however occasionally it is possible to find Salmon and Sea trout swimming through whereas the Dol Watts fishery is habitat to Salmon all year round.

Wales is a brilliant place to throw your bait as it offers such a variety of facilities to ensure you get the best possible fishing experience.

The Tyrdref fishery offers the chance for skilled rodmen to catch the sea trout that are known to rest here as well as accommodating beginner fishers to undergo lessons in fly fishing.

With many of the fishing bays being open all year round, you have a calming trip by yourself or with your partner during your retirement.

See what species you can find lurking in the waters of the Wales fishing bays.

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