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The World’s First Indoor Caravanning Site

  • 15th Oct 2013

The World’s First Indoor Caravanning Site

Now here’s something you don’t see every day, caravanning with a twist! This interior designer has really taken element-safe caravanning to the next level by converting an old vacuum cleaner factory into a caravan ‘site’ which houses a variety of small caravans to provide their visitors with a caravanning experience like no other.

From dedicated ‘outdoor’ communal spaces to pretty lights in the plastic trees to guide you around the site at night, the inventor’s devotion to the project is admirable and can provide couples who aren’t the most ‘outdoorsy’ types of people with romantic caravan getaway from busy life. In their efforts to preserve the traditional ‘campfire’ setting, a stretch of fake lawn has been installed to give the illusion of a caravan ‘pitch’ and a simple set of tables and chairs so that couples can enjoy breakfast on the front lawn.

With a prospect of temporary social living, interior designer Sarah Vollmer, initially started off with the vision of wooden huts for guests to stay in however wanted to be able to do more than provide guests with just a place to stay. In her brave efforts to take the project one step further, Sarah decided that wheels should be installed on each ‘hut’ so that the building could host a variety of events and soon came to realise that she had in fact created the world’s first indoor caravan site!

With each caravan bearing a different interior to the next, it makes this experience all the more unique and special with interior designs ranging from white stone mosaic walls to a 70’s inspired cabin.

However, despite her hard efforts, many dedicated campers believe that the interior designer has failed to grasp the real meaning of a luxury caravan holiday and with a lack of traditional British whether and quality family time her endeavours could never compare to that of a real, good old-fashioned UK caravan holiday.

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