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Owning a Park Home

Things you should know about owning a Park Home: 

Most homes are connected to mains water and electricity and usually gas, too. For water, electricity and gas (but not LPG supplies), the regulators (e.g. OFWAT) ensure that the Park owner must "pass through" the cost of supply. So he/she must not add an additional margin to the resale price to the resident. 

Park Homes do still need annual maintenance - particularly, it is good to check the outside walls and roof, re-coating in accord with the manufacturer's handbook. 

The Park owner is entitled by law (agreed by Government when formulating the Mobile Homes Act) to receive a commission from the buyer of up to 10 per cent of the total sale price of the home. This is included in the Implied Terms in the Written Statement. The payment is in recognition of the Park owner's investment in the land and infrastructure of the Park.     

Text courtesy of National Park Homes Council

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