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How to pay for your Park Home. 

There are two situations that may occur whilst buying a Park Home:

  • When buying a Park Home you are downsizing your property, and hence the buying price is below the selling price for your Bricks & Mortar home, thus releasing capital as well as buying the Park Home. When buying a Park Home, the sale of your bricks & mortar home doesn't reach the asking price, in which you will need to top-up.

In the second case when a top-up amount is needed, there are specialists companies that will enable you to finance the Park Home. This finance category fits in-between a personal loan and a mortgage, as the loan amount is held against the Park Home but not in the same way as a mortgage, and there is no need for Solicitors or Conveyancers. 

Similar sorts of mortgage deals are available with finance up to 25 years and LTV of Up To 70%. If you'd like to hear more information about this sort of finance, please contact us and we will put you in touch with one of these specialist companies.     

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