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Buyers' Guide


What costs are involved in purchasing and owning a Park Home? 

Modern Park Homes (sometimes known as mobile homes or residential caravans) are low-maintenance and energy efficient. Many costs will compare favourably with traditional housing. While some things are similar to buying bricks-and-mortar homes, others are slightly different. 

Things you will need to consider when buying a Park Home:

  • The NPHC recommends you use the services of a solicitor when buying/selling. Make sure you budget for solicitor's fees - they should tell you how much it will cost before you engage them.
  • It is advisable to employ a surveyor if you are buying a used Park Home.
  • Make sure that you are able to pay the pitch fees and Council Tax (which is usually in the lowest band) when required.
  • Arrange for adequate insurance cover from the date that the home is transferred to you.

Text courtesy of National Park Homes Council

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