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What is a park home?

Park Homes are detached bungalow-style homes, usually set in a private estate, where they're located on plots known as 'pitches'. 

In law, they are known as 'mobile homes' and are covered by their own legislation - the Mobile Homes Act 1983, as amended by the Housing Act 2004 (in England), with similar provisions in Wales and Scotland. They are built to comply with British Standard BS3632, which dictates stringent health and safety standards. 

Park Homes are designed to be lived in permanently - modern ones are well insulated and have central heating, double glazing and energy-efficient boilers, meaning you can be warm and comfortable without it costing a fortune. They are easy to maintain, so you can spend your time and money on more interesting things! 

There is enormous flexibility in design, layout and size. A Park Home usually has between one and three bedrooms, sometimes with an ensuite, plus a sitting room, dining area, fully fitted kitchen and bathroom/s. Most have manageable gardens and plenty of parking spaces; some have garages. 

Park Homes are usually fully furnished although you can opt for part or unfurnished. A furnished home includes loose and fitted furniture, wall to wall carpets and soft furnishings, and a full range of appliances. Park Homes are connected to services such as water, electricity, gas (sometimes LPG), telephone, drains and sewers. 

All New Park Homes on Allens Parks are eligible for protection under the NPHC's Goldshield Ten Year Warranty Scheme.     

Text courtesy of National Park Homes Council

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