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Retirement Homes

  • 5th Feb 2013

Retirement Homes

A retirement home can be a great way to live in a tranquil setting and be able to enjoy every day in the comfort of a normal home. It’s like a home, away from home.

Location is important, equally if not more important than the retirement home itself. If you were to have a holiday home which was perfect for you but the park itself was not up to scratch then that would jeopardise the move entirely so it is about finding the place where both boxes are ticked and make the move worthwhile.

We have four residential home parks that will ensure your relocation is a decision that you feel comfortable with. Each of the parks is conveniently situated near local entertainment so there will always be something new and exciting for you to do. We have Broadway Park in Worcestershire, Overstone Solarium in Northampton, Pendeford Hall in Wolverhampton and Wootton Hall in Warwickshire. In March, we are also looking forward to opening our current, continuous development park Leedons Park.

Each retiree is different and we understand that as each of our residential parks has its own different plus points. You can expect something unique from each of the parks and each will cater to exactly what you want from a place where you wish to spend your retirement. Each residential park is set in a completely different location to make the experience of retiring a unique one to every individual.

This holiday park is just one of a number that are fit for any retirement and will make those that are considering retiring, do so earlier than expected. Retiring can be a difficult decision and relocating can be an even harder one but with retirement homes like the ones we have on offer, the decision will be a lot easier. You will probably get a thumb up from your family too, after all, it means they’ll get a holiday too!

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