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Packing for a long weekend

  • 25th Sep 2013
You’ve got some precious time away from the rat race, so you aim to make the most of it! You trawl the internet and brochures for weekend away ideas and other short breaks in the UK. Once you’ve found the perfect weekend break you bribe the children into coming, negotiate cat feeding schedules with the neighbours and then, finally…pack.

Until teleportation is perfected, it is unfortunately a necessary evil. What do you take? You are only going for a few days so you don’t need too much, you don’t want to take something and not need it…but then again you don’t want to need it and not have it…

Depending on where you are staying certain supplies can be borrowed (stolen) from hotels or bought locally. Then you have the matter of making it all fit into one bag, like a surreal game of Tetris, except with arguing and more complicated shapes.

However, in the face of these trying circumstances, there are a few tips and tricks to remember when packing a bag for a weekend away.

Try to pre-plan what you will wear each day and pack accordingly. How many t-shirts, shorts, jumpers and pairs of socks are you likely to need? Remember when packing, clothes can become easily creased, so rather than folding them, roll them up into little tubes. This way, they take up less space and remain largely crease free.

Weekend bags should be packed like shopping bags, heavy things at the bottom. Shoes, boots, high heels and the like should be first into the bag, followed by underwear and socks, then pyjamas and finally, clothes.

Aside from your chosen garments, remember toiletries and entertainment such as books and handheld games and devices. It’s useful to keep these in a separate bag for easy access. Also, frequently overlooked and regretted instantly if forgotten, chargers for your electronics. There’s nothing worse than travelling all the way from the east of England for a short break in Wales, only to find you can’t charge your dying digital camera.

Be sure to pack everything you need at least the night before, so you can double check your belongings in the morning. Once this and all the other loose ends have been tied up, you can relax and enjoy your few days of freedom.

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