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National Pet Week

  • 5th May 2013

National Pet Week

The 5th – 11th May is National Pet Week, this is a time to show your pet how much you appreciate it. Let’s be honest now, when there is an argument in the house or a door is slammed, the pet dog or cat is the first one to pop their nose around the door and give you a cuddle. When you are feeling down your pet is the one that sits on your lap to give you a cuddle or make you smile and when you’re feeling stressed you can soon be relaxed by giving your pet a few strokes.

So why not take your pet dog on holiday with you? Don’t leave your dog in a kennel where he will not get all the lovely attention he gets at home, don’t leave your dog with a friend who will not be able to cuddle your dog half as well as you do, instead take your dog to the caravan holiday with you.

Allens Caravans have many holiday parks and holiday homes where pets are welcome. This means you can take the day out to walk along the beach with your perfect pooch or you can go for a bike ride in the woods with your handsome hound running along next to you.

More often than not you will find that it works out cheaper to take your pet on holiday with you instead or hiring a friend to dog sit or putting your pet in the kennels. This means you will have even more money to spend enjoying yourself on your holiday. There are so many wonderful places to go and things to do with your pet, walks along the beach and bike rides in the woods are just two of them, who knows what fun things you will discover on your holiday.

Don’t celebrate National Pet Week without your pet; take your pet away with you, after all – they deserve a holiday too!

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