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Mobile Homes – Inspect Before You Buy!

  • 9th Apr 2013

Mobile Homes – Inspect Before You Buy!

When purchasing a used mobile home there are a couple of things that you have to inspect and check before you make the final decision of buying a mobile home.

You need to make sure that all things are in order and that the home is in the right condition for you to live in. These little things can really make a huge difference in helping you select the mobile home that is right for you.

Check whether the mobile home has aluminium wiring installed in it because mobile homes that were built in the 70’s were fitted with this.

Aluminium wiring can be potentially dangerous for a mobile home because it tends to expand when it gets warm and it will contract when it cools down which can cause the wire to become loose after some time. This can lead towards sparking in the walls and cause a fire.

Check whether there are any kinds of gaps in the doors and window frames and if you find that these gaps exist, this means that the home needs to be re-levelled. Although this is something which is repairable it will cost you extra, so be sure to check if the surface has settled too much because in that case it will not be such a wise purchase even if the surface does get re-levelled.

If the mobile home has a metal roof check thoroughly for any rust, if you see signs of rust in the roof then it means that the structure of the roof was not sealed properly. You will have to replace the whole roof if the amount of rust is irreparable. The sealing of the roof needs to be replaced every year or 18 months. Inspect the whole interior of the mobile home to see any stains from mould or sagging of the roof. If there is sagging in the roof, it means that the roof has leaked in the past.

These are just some of the things that you need to keep an eye out for otherwise you will have to do a lot of repair work in the mobile home in order to make it in a liveable condition. Some caravan parks actually include any maintenance within the yearly costs that you pay for the mobile home, so this could be something worthwhile asking about.

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