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May is National Clean Air Month

  • 1st May 2013

May is National Clean Air Month

So often we are completing our day in day out life surrounded by air pollution, it could be while we are sat at the station waiting for the train, while we have our car window rolled down in a traffic jam, or we a hopping from one tube to the next in London. Whatever we do for a living we are filling our lungs with ‘dirty air’ on a regular basis and this is why National Clean Air Month was created, to remind you of this.

Why not take this chance to book a holiday on a caravan park with Allens Caravans? Just get away from all the hustle, bustle and pollution of daily life and get some real, clean air into your lungs and you will feel better in just a few deep breaths.

You can book yourself onto a fishing holiday in a fishing lodge to enjoy the fresh air while catching a fish or two? Fishing is a great outdoor hobby, while being relaxing and giving you the chance to free your mind of stress for at least a few days.

You could also go to one of the holiday parks by the beach that Allens Caravans have available. You know how good it feels to go for a stroll across the beach and get a breath of fresh sea air in your lungs. You feel invigorated, energetic and ‘alive’ from just a few steps into your walk.

It is hard to stress just how important having clean air really is, it is so vital to help you live a healthy life and with the rose of pollution throughout the United Kingdom and the world, finding clean air is a task that is becoming harder and harder. Not having clean air can have some horrible effects on your health, including heart and lung problems.

Take this month as a reminder of the fresh and clean air your lungs need and book a holiday with Allens Caravans where you will be able to enjoy the great outdoors.

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