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Large Snapping Turtle Seen At Wootton Hall Residential Park

  • 7th Dec 2012

Large Snapping Turtle Seen At Wootton Hall Residential Park

The snapping turtle is a freshwater animal mainly from the South East of Canada. They are known for being very bad tempered when out of the water with very powerful jaws and a snake like movement from their head and neck.

Sadly these beautiful animals are heavily hunted in some areas for their meat, with it being a main ingredient in turtle soup. These turtles can live for up to 30yrs in captivity.

However it seems that not all turtles are in captivity, one snapping turtle as large as a dustbin lid has been seen by the residents of Allens Caravans, Wootton Hall Residential Park. It is said to have been spotted chewing through fishing nets and other fishing tackle.

This turtle has been seen many times over the last few years, most recently just last month. It is thought that this snapping turtle was a pet that was released 10’s of years ago.

Wootton Hall is a Residential Park run by Allens Caravans for the over 55 year olds. It is ideally suited for the more mature resident who is looking for a quiet and peaceful environment. The park has a post office, shop, club house and Bowling Green, with doctor’s surgery, banks, market and more shops within a few miles of the park.

The latest edition to the park is the snapping turtle. The residents love looking out for it and are thrilled when they spot it. This is the sort of thing people go to the zoo to see yet the residents of Wootton Hall get to see it for free, in their back garden!

If you would like to heat more about the fantastic site of the snapping turtle, or you are interested in the residential homes they have available on the park then why not call Allens Caravans.

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