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Keep Your Eyes Peeled

  • 6th Mar 2013

Keep Your Eyes Peeled

Members of the public should keep their eyes on the look-out for when they visit the seaside.

Not for pennies, not for shells or crabs but instead look for Whale sick. I know, it sounds pretty disgusting but one man has found a horrible smelling rock (ambergris) at the beach which stands to make him around £100,000. Think how many times you could visit our caravan parks with all of that money. You could even own a holiday home.

His dog had smelt the rock whilst walking him along the beach, which made him the pinnacle of man’s best friend. Whale sick is known for being an ingredient used in perfume which preserves the scent for longer. This makes it highly desirable to fragrance companies.

The next time you stay at one of our holiday parks, just remember … if you visit the beach on your travels, keep an eye out for hardened vomit. It may sound a bit vulgar but it could make you one very happy individual.

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