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How to store your caravan during the winter

  • 10th Nov 2013

How to store your caravan during the winter

As the clocks go back and the temperature plummets, for many the likelihood of any last minute caravan holidays diminishes significantly. For those who want to put their caravan away until the spring, we recommend following these tips for making sure your caravan’s kept in an optimal condition over the long winter months. By doing so, when you decide to finally get your caravan out again, it will be ready to use straight away for short breaks in Wales, Scotland and throughout the UK.

The interior:

• Remove any cushions, curtains and bedding from your caravan and store in your home to prevent them becoming damp and stained. This ensures you can use them again next year and will save you money in the long run.

• Remove all valuable items, such as lamps, TVs or any other electrical equipment – this is important not only for ensuring your caravan’s security but also to avoid your items becoming damaged by cold and damp.

• Thoroughly clean the inside of your caravan. This includes all appliances, especially those where there’s likely to be food or debris left, as you don’t want to come back to your caravan next year to find mould spores or even worse, some new insect occupants…

• Use bicarbonate of soda or disinfectant to clean your fridge and freezer to absorb odours. Leaving the doors open will also encourage ventilation and help to keep smells, build up and mould at bay.

• Allow air to circulate throughout the caravan by leaving all cupboard doors within the caravan open.

• Drain your water heater thoroughly and ensure no water remains inside. Flush out any water or waste pipes using a strong disinfectant and make sure the toilet is emptied and sterilised.

• If your caravan has a leisure battery, remove it and make sure it doesn’t go flat by charging it up every 5 to 6 weeks, before storing in a cool dry place.

• Disconnect any gas cylinders and remove from the caravan

• When you’re finished cleaning, close and lock all windows for additional security whilst your caravan is in storage.

The exterior:

• Thoroughly clean the caravan’s outside with hot soapy water, allowing it to dry before you either apply an overwintering fluid or breathable caravan cover, as both will protect the caravan from the weather.

• If you have a jack, it’s worthwhile jacking the caravan up before placing onto an axle. This will ensure any pressure is removed from the tyres, helping to decrease the likelihood of flat spots forming so you don’t have to invest in a new pair of tyres next year.

• If you have an awning, wash and make sure it’s completely dry before putting it away for storage, preferably in your own house so it keeps dry.

• Keep an eye on your caravan throughout the winter to ensure its safe, secure and that no problems are developing, as the earlier you can spot them the better.

• If you lack a garage or drive to store your caravan, don’t worry. Simply contact a specialist caravan storage site who will be able to store it for you, but be sure to inform your insurance company of its new location for the next couple of months.

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