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How To Feng Shui Your Mobile Home

  • 28th Feb 2013

How To Feng Shui Your Mobile Home

Here at Allens Caravans we are all for people being happier in their mobile home, holiday home or residential home so when we came across this article we felt we had to share it with you, to make you happier at more ‘at one’ in your home.

Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese custom, created to promote heath, wealth and happiness within your home, which will in turn make the home owner wealthier, happier and healthier. Completing Feng Shui on your home will encourage any negative energy to leave the home and good and positive energy is encouraged to enter your home.

The first thing to do is to clear at your home, this process will feel like therapy as you remove bad memories stored in clutter you have kept, meanwhile a clearer space will help you maintain a clearer mind.

There may be a constant debate in your home about having the toilet seat up or down, but to help with the Feng Shui of your home you need to keep the toilet seat down as toilets with open lids allow a lot of your ch-i to escape.

Buy yourself some flowers, it is said that flowers are food for the soul. Flowers bring much to your home, including beauty, colour and sent to any room and you will find this lifts your mood and spirit.

Step away from the phone and stop ordering that take-away food, the cooker represents the heart of your home and it has an ability to attract health and wealth to us, so start up the oven and get cooking.

In regards to your bed it is wise to not put your headboard on the same wall as your door is on. It is also important to ensure that this is a room for rest and piece of mind.

These are just a few basics to help the Feng Shui in your home, for more details please go to a Feng Shui expert.

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