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Holiday Tips Before You Leave

  • 2nd Jan 2013

Holiday Tips Before You Leave

So, the day has finally arrived for you and your family to set off on your journey to the holiday park for the weekend.

Everyone is so excited about the journey but before you set off you need to make sure the car is ready and everything is packed. So where do you begin?

Here’s a checklist which should help you before you set off to your perfect holiday:

• The car is first, so check that all of your tyres are at the correct inflation or pressure. This way the drive with both be smoother and save you petrol too.

• You have enough oil and water in your vehicle, you don’t want to not make it to your destination and end up calling out a mechanic now do you? This includes checking your screenwash, your window should be clean at all times so you can see the road clearly.

• Petrol! This one’s pretty much vital, or you’re not going anywhere. Fill it up and you know you’re going to make it without having to stop, unless of course the little one’s needs a toilet break.

• Now it’s time to load the boot! Does everyone have all they need? Clothes? Pyjamas? Bath time stuff? Toothbrush? And the most important … Swimming wear!

• We’re nearly there … Make sure the house is locked and all the windows are shut, otherwise you could be coming home to something dreadful which could ruin your whole holiday.

• Do you have all of your holiday park documents? If not, make sure you do, this will mean you can get instant access to the caravan instead of wasting half a day confirming who you are.

• Finally, the snacks for the journey. It could be a long one, so it is important to start the holiday early by having a few treats in the car for the trip there.

Great! You’re all set. Have a great holiday.

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