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Abbot's Salford, Nr. Evesham, Worcestershire, WR11 8UN, (Sat Nav: WR11 8UT) United Kingdom

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'Allens Options' allows you to purchase a pre-owned holiday home (at either Weir Meadow or Abbot’s Salford) for a lower initial payment and with a reduced tenure of 15 years from first purchase date of caravan as opposed to our normal 25 year agreement. If either during or at the end of the 15 year agreement you wish to extend this then you will have the option of extending the tenure to the full 25 years in two 5 year stages. A second payment would give an extension of a further 5 years (taking it to a 20 year tenure) and at the end of that period a third payment would extend the tenure by a further 5 years taking it up to 25 years.

Please note that ‘Allens Options’ is not available on every home for sale, any qualifying homes will be clearly marked on the website and any literature.


2008 BK Senator 41’ x 12.5’ 2bed at Abbot’s Salford first purchase date of 25/06/2008

  • Full Sale Price £35,000
  • Options Sale Price: £23,750
Customer makes initial payment of £23,750 which gives them a reduced tenure of 15 years from first date of purchase to 24/06/2023. On or before 24/06/2023 the customer can extend their tenure for a further 5 years by making a further payment of £5,625.00 and then a final payment of £5,625.00 on or before 24/06/2028 which would extend the tenure to 24/06/2033.


  • Lower initial payment
  • A holiday home with a lower initial payment allows you to choose a higher specification
  • A more affordable way to see if owning a holiday home with Allens Caravans is right for you
  • Greater flexibility

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