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Have a Family Fishing Holiday

  • 10th May 2013

Have a Family Fishing Holiday

Family Time is great and fishing holidays are great too, so why not join them both together to make a perfect summer holiday for the whole family.

Here at Allens Caravans we have fishing lodges in the UK for you and your family, the views from the holiday homes and fishing lodges look out onto the lakes and rivers and you can start fishing just a few steps from your front door.

Fishing is a great way to have some father and child bonding and mum can get involved too, alternatively the boys can go fishing while mother and daughter can go off and bond in the local market town, down at the beach or at local attractions.

Fishing Holidays are an excellent way to bond while in a relaxing atmosphere, because it is so quiet it is possible to chat about whatever is on your mind and you will notice that you and your child begin to build a closer relationship with more open communication. This means if they have a problem they will come to you.

It is also a great chance to teach your child new skills, you can educate them on berries that are safe to eat, what to do if they get lost in the woods, how to tie knots, how to tell birds from one another and most importantly, how to fish. With younger children, because of these lessons you will become a hero in their eyes and you have taught them so much.

Of course with older children you can bring out their competitive side with a little bit of friendly rivalry. You can see who can catch the most fish, who can catch the biggest fish, who can catch the longest fish and of course, who can catch the first and / or last fish. You will have such a good time on a family fishing holiday that you may not want to go home!

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