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Games to Play in Your Caravan

  • 23rd Feb 2013

Games to Play in Your Caravan

Sadly the weather in the UK is not terribly predictable, but when we have a rainfall it tends to be heavy but quick, so over very quickly. But what to do in the 15 – 30 minutes that you are in your static caravan avoiding the rain? Why not play a game before heading out into the holiday park?

• Card Games like Uno, Rummy, Donkey or Snap and such like are brilliant fun for the whole family, young and old. They can take place as quickly or as lengthily as you choose – it really is dependant on how long the rain falls for.

• Why not play a game of I Spy, it’s a fun and relaxed and you will soon realise how much brilliant stuff is in your gorgeous mobile home or static caravan.

• Charades is always a giggle for the kid’s right through to the grandparents, you have to act out a film, a book or a TV programme and then everyone else has to guess it. Everyone really enjoys themselves when playing this brilliant fun game – the time soon flies by!

• Why not play the game ‘I went to Market’? The first person says they went to market for a …… and the second person says I went to market for... (1st persons word)… and then their own and it continues around the table… this really tests the memory!

• Play 30 Questions, each person thinks of something and then everyone else guesses what it could be by answering questions that can only be answered with yes or no. The idea is for everyone to guess what the item is within 30 questions.

With these great games the sun will be shining again with no time to spare and everyone will be having a whale of a time. Don’t forget that these are games that you can continue playing down by the riverside or on the beach!

Have a wonderful holiday!

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