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Excitement is Rising for the Annual Inter-Park Fishing Competition

  • 17th Sep 2012

Excitement is rising among the residents of the Allens Caravans Residential Parks; this annual fishing website event that has been taking place for nearly fifty years and is due again on Thursday 6th September 2012 at Abbots Salford Fishing Lake, Avon.

Each of the seven residential parks have been invited to put up a team to enter, some parks have more than one team entering this years competition and they are feeling very confident they will be winning the award this year.

The Allens Caravans Ltd inter-park fishing competition is based on the biggest catch and the biggest haul of the day, the competition is then followed by dinner and drinks with a prize giving ceremony where the winners will be announced.

Abbots Salford, where the Allens Caravans Inter-Park Fishing Competition is taking place, is in Avon and is constantly being stocked with fish. Most recently was 400lb of carp with the biggest weighing almost 20lb, a number of mid teen fish and the rest in the 5-9lb range.

Allens Caravans have residential home parks across The Midlands, all of which have their own unique facilities and amenities. Allens Caravans Ltd reidential parks offer anything from quiet country estates to private fishing lakes or a quiet place down by the riverside. All of the Parks are in a secure environment and well managed.

Allens Caravans Park Homes are designed as a permanent abode; they are well insulated, and have central heating, double glazing and energy efficient boilers. Park Homes are easy to maintain meaning you can spend your time and money on more interesting things.

There is great flexibility in design, layout and size with a park home usually having between one and three bedrooms, sometimes an en-suite plus a sitting room, dining area, fully fitted kitchen and bathroom / bathrooms. Most of the Allens Caravans Park Homes have manageable gardens and plenty of parking spaces, some also have garages.

The Allens Caravans Park Homes are usually full furnished although you can opt for part-furnished or un-furnished. An Allens Caravans furnished park home includes loose and fitted furniture, wall to wall carpets, soft furnishings and a full range of appliances. The Allens Caravans Park Homes are also connected to services such as water, electricity, gas, telephone, drains and sewers.

If you are looking to retire to the countryside then contact Allens Caravans, it’ll be the best move you’ll ever make!

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