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Carpenter debuts new double decker bus holiday home

  • 10th Dec 2013

Carpenter debuts new double decker bus holiday home

An old-fashioned double decker bus has been transformed into a fully operational caravan thanks to a talented UK carpenter.

Saved from a scrapyard at the last minute, the bus was first used in 1982 had clocked over 600,000 miles before it was put on eBay. This was when 42 year old carpenter Adam Collier-Woods bid for the bus, winning and paying £4,500 for the timeworn vehicle before renovating it into a fully functioning holiday let.

Estimated to be at least over thirty years old, the bus now boasts two double bedrooms, a kitchen and a whole range of state-of-the-art facilities ideal for luxury caravan holidays.

Known as Bus 2464, Collier-Woods integrated its remaining bus seats to create comfy chairs and sofas, as well as installing a log burner to ensure the bus stays warm and toasty for its residents. Providing facilities for six visitors at a time, the renovation project took a total of six months and now dwarfs other caravans and motorhomes at the rural residential caravan park in Wealden, East Sussex where it currently resides.

Whether the bus was inspired by the vehicle used in the classic film Summer Holiday, starring Cliff Richard and released in 1963, may not be sure, but it will certainly receive as much attention as the original bus did from being painted a bright and colourful shade of green, now being known as ‘the Big Green Bus’.

As a bus it was formerly used to transport locals back and forth amongst the cities of Coventry, Birmingham and Hull in the 1980s. As a holiday home however it now contains over £10,000 worth of repairs and utilities to complement its idyllic views.

At £150 per night, it’s predicted that the Big Green Bus will be extremely popular amongst travellers, providing nostalgia for those who stay the night in a bus which they probably used to travel to school in.

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