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Caravan holidays help the environment

  • 20th Oct 2013

Caravan holidays help the environment

They may not always provide the most luxurious living space, but researchers at Lancaster College have confirmed that caravan holidays are one of the most eco-friendly methods of enjoying the country.

The university’s environmental experts conducted research on Skelwith Fold Caravan Park’s carbon footprint and discovered that in comparison to other methods to travel, staying in a caravan park is the greenest kind of holiday available.

UK caravan holidays help to save tonnes of carbon dioxide emissions every year as they reduce numbers of passengers on airplanes. An average return flight to Europe produces between 250kg and 500g of carbon dioxide per person, whereas if four people travelled 250 miles in a petrol car towing a medium sized caravan, this would only produce 38kg of carbon dioxide emissions.

The belief that caravans produce low carbon holidays is further proven by recent news of a caravan park in Skegness receiving a significant conservation prize.

Skegness Water Leisure Park was awarded the prestigious Gold Accolade for its work improving several environmental aspects of its site, including the diversity and condition of its wildlife as well as energy management of the entire site.

Other factors that make both basic and luxury caravan holidays greener than other methods of travelling include the fact that over 90% of touring caravans on the roads are made in Britain, creating job opportunities and providing the British economy with an extra boost through the sale of second hand static caravans.

Caravans are also becoming a popular form of accommodation at some of Britain’s most popular music festivals, with both Glastonbury and Download festival providing pitches at their camping sites every year.

To find out more owning or renting your own caravan, contact a caravan rental company who will be able to give advice on purchasing both residential and detached caravans, as well as recommend the best parks available in the UK for last minute caravan holidays.

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