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Winter Warmers: Cooked Caravan Breakfasts

  • 14th Feb 2017


Being in the icy grip of winter is no fun at all. Although warmer weather is gradually on its way, for the moment we are still stuck shivering and dreaming longingly of summer. Getting up in the morning can be a bit of a chore when it's cold and dark outside, even for occupants of our cosy residential park homes.

Luckily, we have the perfect antidote to stave off the cold and ensure you start the day on a positive, healthful note. February is also known as Hot Breakfast Month, meaning that it is the perfect excuse to get up and make yourself a hearty, warming breakfast. Hot breakfasts are the ideal way to begin a winter's day as they provide a way of instantly warming you through. It's also a good way to ensure that you are properly taking care of yourself and your body, by spending a little extra time looking after yourself.

We have put together a few quick ideas for some tasty hot breakfasts, perfect for cooking up a storm in your residential park homes!

Classic Full English

On a chilly winter morning, you simply can't beat a classic Full English cooked breakfast. Whether you just go for the basics or you take the opportunity to serve up every possible cooked breakfast food you can think to include, this staple breakfast dish still remains a firm favourite.

For a vegetarian option, simply substitute the classic sausage and bacon for vegetarian sausage, and bulk out the meal with extra delicious vegetables - mushrooms, tomatoes and beans are great choices, but you can also add fried onions, hash browns, or fried potatoes too.

Breakfast Pancakes

One that the grandchildren are sure to love, breakfast pancakes are super quick to make. For a more filling meal, go for thicker pancakes topped with bacon and maple syrup.

Cheesy Bacon and Egg Hash

This tasty recipe can be used for a filling lunch or quick dinner as well as a breakfast, so it is an incredibly versatile dish that you're sure to enjoy. It's also really simple to make - even better!

Simply fry or bake smallish cubes of chopped potato until they're lovely and crispy. Add in bacon and shallots, then finish off with plenty of mozzarella cheese and wait until it's all melted into the dish. If you fancy it, you can also include a couple fried eggs to bulk out the meal.

French Toast

Another breakfast classic, French toast can be enjoyed in numerous ways. For a simple breakfast, serve your French toast hot with butter, or get creative by adding fresh fruit or maple syrup.

Bacon and Egg Muffins

If you really want to get creative in the kitchen of your residential park home, why not try your hand at bacon and egg muffins? Place circles of bread in the base of a muffin tray, then line the sides of the tin with partially-cooked bacon to form a cup shape within the muffin tray. Then, place either sliced tomatoes or sautéed mushrooms into the cup, on top of the bread circle. Finish the cups off with an egg and a sprinkle of herbs, then simply bake the muffins for 15-20 minutes or until the bacon has crisped up. Enjoy!

If our hot breakfast ideas have got you inspired, check out our favourite warming dinner recipes to enjoy in your residential park homes this winter too! 

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