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Why You Need the Freedom of a Caravan

  • 27th Apr 2017


In the city, life is constrained by numerous tasks and the time to fit them all in - in a caravan park, everything is suited to fit around you.

Have you ever woken up and wished that life wasn't this way? That you didn't have to answer to any dastardly alarm clock, head out at the same time every morning, remember to pick something up for dinner and repeat day after day?

It is for this exact reason why so many have upped sticks and moved into a residential mobile home.

Everything on your Doorstep

Instead of having to drive from one end of town to the other, Allens residential parks have everything you need right on their doorstep. A trip to the shops is just a short walk away and, if you don't fancy cooking, many of our parks are near to restaurants, meaning that you can grab something delicious to eat at your own convenience.

Compare this with the trials and tribulations that come with ‘normal' day-to-day life, and it's clear to see why our residents never look back when moving into one of our residential park homes.

Benefitting the Whole Family

Not only do our residents enjoy the many benefits of our residential parks, the whole family can do so too. When inviting your loved ones over, you do so knowing that they can go off and explore. With various play areas and games rooms on-site, there is plenty to occupy any grandchildren coming to stay!

Allens Caravans have parks located across the country in some of the most picturesque spots in the UK - so when the weather is good, why not go on a family walk through the countryside? The fresh country air will blow away any cobwebs and will serve as a reminder as to why you opted for the freedom of a mobile home.

Vibrant Community

When moving into one of our residential park homes, you also become a part of a vibrant community consisting of like-minded people who have made the same lifestyle change as you. Many who invest in a caravan do so having fallen in love with the life that comes from living in one of our parks.

As each park has a number of social facilities, you will find integrating into a close-knit community easy and rewarding, acting as a throwback to the days when everyone knew their neighbours and looked out for one another.

If you feel that the residential lifestyle is right for you, please call a member of our team on 01564 792323 for more information, or to enquire about the availability of our mobile park homes.

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