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Why Choose a UK Caravan Holiday?

  • 11th Apr 2015

Why Choose a UK Caravan Holiday?

So many people jet off to warmer climes and foreign lands for short city breaks and fortnights away. This kind of jet-set trip has become synonymous with the word ‘holiday’, but those queuing up at the airports are missing a trick.
A caravan holiday in the UK is a far better choice, for lots of reasons. In fact, some of those reasons are listed below.
You save money
You might have to splash a few pounds on a tank of petrol or diesel, but that is nothing compared to the hundreds that go into flights, taxes, extra luggage costs, last minute ‘essentials’ from the Duty Free lounge, taxis, hotels, restaurants and shops. Plus, UK currency and practices mean you won’t be blindsided by the exchange rate and price tag-free products and services.
Balanced Environment
On a caravan holiday with Allens, you will get your much-needed change of scenery and although it is still a British backdrop, there is plenty of variety; the Welsh coast, the rolling hills of the Cotswolds, and the charming little market towns dotted about. Plus, you can actually relax because you are far enough away from home to feel removed from real life, but close enough that you don’t have to worry about being stranded if flights are cancelled. Nor will you get lost down back roads in a place where you don’t speak the language.
You get to play tourist
Indulge in a moment of cheese and play the role of tourist, unashamedly. Eat ice creams, go on open top bus tours, and take photos everywhere. Yes, you could blend in because you are (technically) one of the natives, but where is the fun in that? Take the chance to be the tourist and explore those quintessentially British things with fresh new eyes, wide with wonder.
Everything works
This might sound like a trivial point, but if you have ever had to travel to the USA, Europe, or further afield then you will know the wave of inconvenience that accompanies such destinations. All of your appliances (razor, hairdryer, phone charger) won’t work without an adaptor, and if you forget said adaptor, you are left totally disconnected. There are lots of severe restrictions when flying, as well as the equivalent of a novel in documents for health insurance, travel insurance, flight and accommodation details, passports, emergency contact details, etc. Plus, the second you leave the UK, your money is useless. In the UK though, you settle into your cosy holiday caravan and everything works, just as it ought to, right away. Bonus; we drive on our side of the road!
Your loved ones can join in
Whether it is your bouncy pet Labrador or your adorable grandchildren, staying within the UK’s borders makes it easier for your family members (two-legged and four) to enjoy a holiday. It might be that your kids and grandkids can’t afford to take a two-week trip to Tenerife, but everyone can make Worcestershire for the weekend.
Alternatively, it could be that you can’t bear to leave your pooch in the boarding kennels, so you would rather pop them in the car and head to one of our pet-friendly caravan parks.
These are just five of the many, many reasons that a caravan holiday in the UK is a better choice than jetting off to Spain or some other such destination.

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