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Why Caravanning Is Great For Kids

  • 3rd Nov 2014

Why Caravanning Is Great For Kids

Caravanning is a wonderful experience for both parents and children; not only is it fun and exciting, it can also help to develop a few useful life skills that may come in handy down the line. From hikes to fishing holidays, there's so much that you can do during your time away, so you better get packing! In this article we will be taking a look at a few of the reasons why caravanning at Allens Caravans is great for kids and teens alike.

An Exploration

Caravanning isn't just your typical sunny beach holiday; it's an adventure and can open up so many doors in terms of what you can do with the kids. It's a fact that the majority of kids absolutely love to explore and if your children are a bit nervous heading off to a new place, you should encourage them to treat the holiday as an adventure and be imaginative. On the journey to your ‘exploration quest', you should try to avoid common boredom breakers in the car like Nintendo's and MP3 players and instead strike up conversation or play a game to pass the time like I spy.

Sharing an Experience

This doesn't just mean sharing the whole experience of going on holiday, it can also be little things like sharing the washing up a couple of nights throughout the week and tidying up the caravan a little bit before you head off on another adventure. This doesn't mean they have to be boring, you can jazz up your chores a little bit by having music playing in the background and singing along to your favourite tune or by having a light-hearted competition over who can wash and dry the quickest.

Adapting to a new environment

Some people just don't like change; that's a fact and if this sounds like your children then maybe introducing them to new surroundings slowly and encouraging them to get stuck in with new activities could help to bring them out of their shell a little. Being able to adapt to new scenarios and environments is a fantastic skill to have and will come in handy all through life; caravan holidays can help children to get used to change and encourage them to try new things.


As well as developing adaptability skills, caravan holidays can also help to encourage your children to socialise, even if it's just with the family. By encouraging teens to put down the mobile phones and children to give the handheld games a break, it gives them a chance to socialise with people and develop their social skills. You may even find that you meet new friends on the caravan site and have a cup of tea with them a couple of times during your holiday; caravan holidays are brilliant for meeting new people, making it a great place to start developing your social skills.

These are just a few reasons why Allens caravan holidays are great for children! If you're interested in a caravan break, please take a moment to browse our cheap caravan holidays to find the right home away from home for your needs. For more information, please get in touch through our website.  

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