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What Type of Person Goes on a Caravan Holiday?

  • 22nd Aug 2017


With package deals available left right and centre, and budget airlines offering flights for just a few pennies, who would elect to go on a caravan holiday? Who would want to explore the awe-inspiring British countrysides instead of the overcrowded beaches of the Costa del Sol?

Have you ever been guilty of turning your nose up at the thought of spending a week inside a caravan with friends and family? If so, you were most likely misinformed as to what a caravan holiday actually entails.

If you think that your week would consist of sleeping in a cramped bed, unable to gain any signal and essentially just parked up in the middle of nowhere, you could not be any more wrong.

Luxury Caravans

At our caravan holiday parks, our homes are closer to what you would associate with an expensive hotel than a cheap and rusty piece of metal on wheels. At Allens, we ensure that all of our guests are looked after and comfortable at all times.

With generous living space, a well-designed layout and top of the range luxuries, you will soon realise that any preconceptions were misconceptions, and we are sure you would look forward to coming back.

Caravan Holiday Park Locations

If you are worried about being stranded in the middle of nowhere, then fear not as all of our caravan holiday parks are ideally situated to give the best of both worlds. With historic towns never more than a few minutes drive away, and some of the UK's most attractive tourist attractions nearby, you are perfectly placed for days out.

Many of our guests do come in search of tranquillity, and with acres of incredible natural landscapes surrounding our parks, this is easily obtainable. If you have a sense of adventure, put on your hiking boots and explore the area - why not bring the whole family along?

Can I Stay Connected?

Yes! We understand the reliance that many of us have on our phones and over technology, which is why you will benefit from free Wi-Fi at our parks. It's certainly a lot more cost-effective than risking expensive roaming charges overseas and also means that you can settle in for Netflix on rainy evenings.

So, if you are the type of person to go on a caravan holiday, call our team on 01564 792323 and book your stay today!

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