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What To Do When It’s Cold Out: Top 5 Ideas

  • 19th Dec 2014

What To Do When It’s Cold Out: Top 5 Ideas

As enjoyable as it may be to live on a residential caravan park, especially one in the heart of the UK's most beautiful countryside, when autumn and winter arrive it can be difficult to find something to do. This is especially the case if you want to stay at home, tucked up where it is warm and calm. 

Luckily, an Allens' residential park home is the epitome of luxury which means you can happily enter hibernation mode and stay there until spring rolls around, should you wish. Nevertheless though, it is good to have a few ideas up your sleeve so that you know you will be entertained even if you're stuck at home in the event of bad weather.

For some ideas as to what you can do to keep busy right through autumn and winter, read on.

1.       Clear Outs And Tidy Ups

If there is one thing people avoid throughout the year it is sorting out and deep cleaning. There always seems to be something (anything) better to do. But when autumn arrives and the weather turns, your options are limited; giving you the perfect opportunity to have a top-to-toe clear out and a general tidy up. Sort through your bric-a-brac and make space, giving any unwanted bits and pieces to charity. Dust, disinfect and polish every nook and cranny and if the mood strikes you, finish off your overhaul with a bit of a revamp. For the UK's finest carpet cleaning service, then be sure to check out today for amazing results.

2.       Online (Window) Shopping

The internet is a wonderful thing, not least because it gives us the world at our fingertips, even when there is six feet of snow outside. Now, it may not be that you're snowed in this autumn, but as the colder months drag on you will likely find yourself less inclined to trek to the town centre for a bit of retail therapy. Cue: online shopping. Whether it is your groceries, a winter wardrobe or some books and films to keep you entertained of an evening, internet shopping is the ideal solution. Even if you don't actually need anything, it is always fun to browse your favourite sites for some inspiration or in the name of research for birthdays and Christmas - just think how ahead you'll be come December.

3.       A Movie Marathon Or A Book Omnibus

Is there anything better than snuggling up on the sofa to watch a good movie or stick your nose firmly in a book when its cold, grey and murky outside? We think not. You can have a movie marathon where you work your way through your favourite Hollywood classics, or you could grab a cuppa and whittle down your "to read" list. Either way, you will be able to keep warm and cosy whilst escaping to different worlds, all at the same time.

4.       Catch Up With Everyone

As social as summer can be, once autumn - and worse, winter - rolls around, it can be difficult and even dangerous to get out and about to meet people. That is why you should take cold weather and gloomy days as a cue to catch up with everyone you know, using alternative channels of communication. There will no doubt be lots of summer adventures to share, plans to make and general chat to enjoy. Of course, you can mix up how you get in touch, just to keep things interesting and reach as many people as possible in the easiest way. Write letters, send emails and make phone calls to start with, and for those friends living near or on the same residential caravan park as you, invite them over for a good old-fashioned catch up over a hot tea or coffee. 

5.       Take A Walk Down Memory Lane

Whether you are stuck at home alone whilst it's pouring down outside or you have the grandchildren over for the day, taking a walk down memory lane is a wonderful way to keep occupied. You can choose a specific theme, such as "summer adventures" or you can decide to make a general book of memories, stretching back and covering as much as you can manage. Use photographs, handwritten accounts and random keepsakes (like ticket stubs) to build a scrapbook, organise your snaps into a photo album or start keeping a diary. Better yet, reread any old diaries if you have some stashed away from childhood. When you're cosied up on a cold night, nothing makes you feel as warm and fuzzy inside as a bit of nostalgia.

These five ideas are a great place to start if you are struggling to find something to do when it's cold, dark and dingy outside. Of course, your park home is your castle, and you may just enjoy resting and relaxing whilst enjoying your comfortable, cosy surroundings. But should you want to try something different one cold autumnal day, try one of the suggestions above. 

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